National Anthem of Austria (Lyrics, History)

The national anthem of Austria is named “Land del Berge, Land am Strome,” which translates to men “Land of mountains, land by the river.” The anthem was adopted by the nation in 1946 before the World War II Anschluss. Prior to this, the national’s anthem was “Sei gesegnet ohne Ende,” which had been in use since the late 18th century. However, the song’s tune was the same as the Lied der Deutschen and was used by the Third Reich. It was for this reason – and because the national anthem was actually banned following the war – that the new anthem that is used today was adopted.

The national anthem is set to the tune of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s final complete work. The melody is used for the Austrian national anthem. However, the authorship has been in question, and many attribute the composition to Johann Holzer. The lyrics for the song were written by Paula von Preradovic, who holds the honor of being one of the only females to write the lyrics for a national anthem. The song was officially adopted on October 22, 1946.

The anthem has been updated since its original adoption. In 2012, the lyrics were modified to make them more inclusive and gender-neutral. The anthem features three verses. The first talks about the physical features, a bright future and the beauty of the nation. The second verse talks about the fights and struggles of the nation since its earliest days. Finally, the last verse centers on freedom and moving forward into the future as a unified country.


Land of the Mountains, and on the river,
Of fields, and of cathedrals,
Of hammers, and with a promising future!
A homeland of great sons and daughters
A people graced with beauty,
Strongly praised Austria,
Strongly praised Austria!

Ardently feuded for, and fiercely fought for,
You lie out in the middle of the world
Like a stout heart.
You bear the burden of a high mission
Ever since ancient times,
Much-proved Austria,
Much-proved Austria!

Courage into a new age,
See us stride, freely and believing,
Happily working and full of hope.
United, and in jubilation choirs,
Let us pledge allegiance to you, 'O Fatherland
'O highly beloved Austria,
'O highly beloved Austria!