Apac Countries 2019

The Asia-Pacific region is made up of a collection of countries located in or near the Western Pacific Ocean. This region is also known as Asia-Pac, AsPac or simply APAC. The term grew in popularity in the 1980s when it was being used to discuss commerce, politicas and finance.

Because there is no clear definition of the Asia Pacific region, the region varies by context. Generally, though, it is a term used to describe countries throughout East and South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

In some cases, the term is used to describe countries located in the Americas which lie along the coast of the Eastern Pacific. At times, it is also used to describe all countries in Asia and Australasia and the Pacific island nations.

Typically, the term APAC countries is used to describe the region that includes the following nations in Asia:

In Oceania, APAC countries and regions include:

By area, China is the largest country in the region, followed by Australia, India, Indonesia and Mongolia. The smallest by area is Macau. In terms of population, China is the most populous is the Asia-Pacific region was a population of over 1 billion people. India follows closely behind, also boasting a population of over 1 billion. The smallest by population is British Indian Ocean Territory, which has a population of just 3,000 people.

Flag Name Area Population 2019 Growth Rate
China9,706,961 km²1,420,062,0220.35%
India3,287,590 km²1,368,737,5131.08%
Indonesia1,904,569 km²269,536,4821.03%
Pakistan881,912 km²204,596,4421.88%
Bangladesh147,570 km²168,065,9201.02%
Japan377,930 km²126,854,745-0.26%
Philippines342,353 km²108,106,3101.50%
Vietnam331,212 km²97,429,0610.97%
Thailand513,120 km²69,306,1600.18%
Myanmar676,578 km²54,336,1380.89%
South Korea100,210 km²51,339,2380.34%
Malaysia330,803 km²32,454,4551.29%
Nepal147,181 km²29,942,0181.07%
North Korea120,538 km²25,727,4080.46%
Australia7,692,024 km²25,088,6361.28%
Taiwan36,193 km²23,758,2470.27%
Sri Lanka65,610 km²21,018,8590.33%
Cambodia181,035 km²16,482,6461.46%
Papua New Guinea462,840 km²8,586,5252.00%
Laos236,800 km²7,064,2421.48%
Singapore710 km²5,868,1041.32%
New Zealand270,467 km²4,792,4090.90%
Mongolia1,564,110 km²3,166,2441.42%
Fiji18,272 km²918,7570.71%
Bhutan38,394 km²826,2291.12%
Solomon Islands28,896 km²635,2541.92%
Maldives300 km²451,7381.68%
Brunei5,765 km²439,3361.21%
French Polynesia4,167 km²288,5060.93%
Vanuatu12,189 km²288,0172.09%
New Caledonia18,575 km²283,3761.27%
Samoa2,842 km²198,9090.61%
Guam549 km²167,2450.92%
Kiribati811 km²120,4281.70%
Tonga747 km²110,0410.95%
Micronesia702 km²106,9830.71%
American Samoa199 km²55,7270.09%
Northern Mariana Islands464 km²55,2460.09%
Marshall Islands181 km²53,2110.08%
Palau459 km²22,2061.10%
Cook Islands236 km²17,4620.29%
Wallis And Futuna142 km²11,617-0.56%
Tuvalu26 km²11,3930.94%
Nauru21 km²11,260-0.46%
Niue260 km²1,6280.25%
Tokelau12 km²1,3401.59%