Arabic Speaking Countries

There are a total of 25 independent states and territories that has Arabic as their native language. The most populous of these is Egypt. The country of Egypt has a population of around 90 million people. Over 93% of the total population – or over 82 million people – in Egypt speak Arabic, which is the official language of the nation.

All 25 countries which have Arabic as their official or co-official language are as follows, in alphabetical order:

There are six independent nations where Arabic is either the national language or an official minority language. However, it is not the primary language. In Cyprus, Iran and Turkey, Arabic is a minority language. In Mali, Niger and Senegal, it is the national language.

There are also four independent nations where Arabic is officially recognized in the constitution and has a special status. This applies to Iran, Israel, Pakistan and the Philippines.

In addition to the independent countries that recognize Arabic as an official language, there are nine non-sovereign entities and regions where Arabic is an official or de facto official language.

These regions include Azawad, Iraqi Kurdistan, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Khatumo, Puntland, Rojava, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Somaliland and the Syrian opposition.

Flag Name Area Population 2018 Growth Rate
Egypt1,002,450 km²99,375,7411.87%
Tanzania945,087 km²59,091,3923.11%
Algeria2,381,741 km²42,008,0541.67%
Sudan1,886,068 km²41,511,5262.41%
Iraq438,317 km²39,339,7532.78%
Morocco446,550 km²36,191,8051.27%
Yemen527,968 km²28,915,2842.35%
Syria185,180 km²18,284,4070.08%
Chad1,284,000 km²15,353,1843.04%
Somalia637,657 km²15,181,9252.98%
Tunisia163,610 km²11,659,1741.10%
Jordan89,342 km²9,903,8022.08%
United Arab Emirates83,600 km²9,541,6151.50%
Libya1,759,540 km²6,470,9561.51%
Lebanon10,452 km²6,093,5090.18%
Eritrea117,600 km²5,187,9482.35%
Palestine6,220 km²5,052,7762.68%
Oman309,500 km²4,829,9464.18%
Mauritania1,030,700 km²4,540,0682.71%
Kuwait17,818 km²4,197,1281.46%
Qatar11,586 km²2,694,8492.11%
Bahrain765 km²1,566,9934.99%
Djibouti23,200 km²971,4081.51%
Comoros1,862 km²832,3472.26%