Buddhist Countries 2019

Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world. This religion originated in India, and it is based around the teachings of Buddha. There are traditions, practices and beliefs of this religion that are unique to this religion. Those that practice Buddhism – known as Buddhists – believe in reincarnation. That is, they believe that death is not the end but instead a person is reborn after they pass. Buddhists believe that finding enlightenment – or Nirvana – is the key to stopping the cycle of rebirth.

For some, Buddhism is a religion. For others, it is a philosophy, while others practice Buddhism to find themselves and experience inner peace. Buddhism is a religion that is practiced worldwide. In fact, it is believed that as many as 535 million people around the world practice this religion, which would represent between 8% and 10% of the world’s total population.

There are several countries that have a very high proportion of Buddhism followers. The country with the highest proportion is Cambodia. Of its population of over 15 million, over 13 million – or 96.9% of the total population – are Buddhists. Other countries that have a high percentage of Buddhist residents include:

Each of the nations listed above have a Buddhist population that makes up at least 55% of the total population. However, these aren’t the only nations that have millions of Buddhist residents. The countries with Buddhist populations making up at least 10% of the total population include:

Flag Name Population 2019 Area Growth Rate
Thailand69,625,582513,120 km²0.28%
Myanmar54,045,420676,578 km²0.63%
Sri Lanka21,323,73365,610 km²0.45%
Laos7,169,455236,800 km²1.53%
Mongolia3,225,1671,564,110 km²1.73%
Bhutan763,09238,394 km²1.15%