Cameroon Population 2014

Cameroon is a culturally diverse costal country in Africa, which lies on the western side of Africa on the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. The 2014 population is estimated at 23,036,947 million.

Cameroon Population 2014

Yaoundé is the largest city in Cameroon, and is also the capital. It was founded in the latter part of the 19th century by German traders during the ivory industry’s peak. Yaoundé’s population is 2.5 million. The urbanization rate is currently 3.3%; 58% of the country is urbanized and that percentage continues to grow annually.

Cameroon’s population is made up of its indigenous ethnicity, the Baka, also known as the pygmies. These are the longest, continuous indigenous peoples next to the Cameroon highlanders which comprise 31% of the population. Equatorial Bantu make up an estimated 19% of the population. Kirdi and Fulani peoples are also a good percentage of the residents of Cameroon.

Religious affiliation within Cameroon boasts a whopping 70% Christian. 21% is of the Islamic faith, and 6% still maintain indigenous belief systems dating back to the cultural inception thousands of years ago. Islamic believers are concentrated in the north of Cameroon while Christian believers are dense in the southern and western region of the country.

By the year 2020 it is estimated that the population will be 24.12 million.

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Population Data via United Nations

Cameroon Sex Ratio 2014

49.995% Male
50.005% Female