Countries In Africa 2020

Africa is the second largest continent by geographic area and the second most populous continent in the world, with an area of approximately 30 million km2 and a population of 1.2 billion people. The continent is widely considered to have a total of 54 countries, nine territories and two independent states with limited or no recognition. However, given Africa's complex political situation and the legacy of its colonial history, the exact makeup of the continent and number of officially recognized countries is still a contentious issue. Africa's population is the youngest of all the continents, with a median age of 19.7 (in comparison to the global median age of 30.4).

The northern country of Algeria is Africa's largest sovereign state and also among the most populous, with around 40 million residents. However, Nigeria is by far the largest country in terms of population – as of 2018, almost 196 million people live in the country. Ethiopia follows with a population of 107 million, while Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and South Africa all have populations in excess of 50 million.

Even the smaller countries in Africa have fairly large populations. Rwanda and Burundi are relatively small in area (although both share borders with the much larger Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania), yet have populations 12.5 million and 11.2 million, respectively. The tiny landlocked country of Lesotho, surrounded by vastly bigger South Africa, nevertheless has a population of more than two million. Technically, however, it is the Seychelles – an Indian ocean archipelago made up of 115 islands – that is Africa's smallest country, with a total population of just 95,235.

Rank Country Population 2019 Growth Rate Area
45Zimbabwe14,645,4681.48%390,757 km²
56Zambia17,861,0302.93%752,612 km²
49Western Sahara582,4632.55%266,000 km²
52Uganda44,269,5943.32%241,550 km²
51Tunisia11,694,7191.06%163,610 km²
50Togo8,082,3662.43%56,785 km²
54Tanzania58,005,4632.98%945,087 km²
48Sudan42,813,2382.42%1,886,068 km²
47South Sudan11,062,1131.19%619,745 km²
44South Africa58,558,2701.28%1,221,037 km²
43Somalia15,442,9052.92%637,657 km²
42Sierra Leone7,813,2152.10%71,740 km²
41Seychelles97,7390.62%452 km²
40Senegal16,296,3642.75%196,722 km²
39Sao Tome And Principe215,0561.91%964 km²
38Rwanda12,626,9502.58%26,338 km²
37Reunion888,9270.72%2,511 km²
9Republic Of The Congo5,380,5082.56%342,000 km²
35Nigeria200,963,5992.58%923,768 km²
34Niger23,310,7153.84%1,267,000 km²
33Namibia2,494,5301.86%825,615 km²
32Mozambique30,366,0362.93%801,590 km²
31Morocco36,471,7691.20%446,550 km²
8Mayotte266,1502.50%374 km²
30Mauritius1,269,6680.17%2,040 km²
29Mauritania4,525,6962.74%1,030,700 km²
28Mali19,658,0313.02%1,240,192 km²
27Malawi18,628,7472.69%118,484 km²
26Madagascar26,969,3072.68%587,041 km²
25Libya6,777,4521.38%1,759,540 km²
24Liberia4,937,3742.44%111,369 km²
23Lesotho2,125,2680.80%30,355 km²
22Kenya52,573,9732.28%580,367 km²
21Ivory Coast25,716,5442.57%322,463 km²
36Guinea Bissau1,920,9222.45%36,125 km²
20Guinea12,771,2462.83%245,857 km²
19Ghana30,417,8562.15%238,533 km²
18Gambia2,347,7062.94%10,689 km²
17Gabon2,172,5792.45%267,668 km²
13Ethiopia112,078,7302.57%1,104,300 km²
14Eritrea3,497,1171.41%117,600 km²
12Equatorial Guinea1,355,9863.47%28,051 km²
53Egypt100,388,0731.94%1,002,450 km²
10Dr Congo86,790,5673.19%2,344,858 km²
16Djibouti973,5601.48%23,200 km²
7Comoros850,8862.20%1,862 km²
6Chad15,946,8763.00%1,284,000 km²
5Central African Republic4,745,1851.78%622,984 km²
4Cape Verde549,9351.10%4,033 km²
3Cameroon25,876,3802.59%475,442 km²
1Burundi11,530,5803.12%27,834 km²
55Burkina Faso20,321,3782.86%272,967 km²
46Botswana2,303,6972.08%582,000 km²
11Benin11,801,1512.73%112,622 km²
15Angola31,825,2953.27%1,246,700 km²
2Algeria43,053,0541.85%2,381,741 km²