Countries Where Abortion Is Illegal 2019

Abortion has always been a controversial subject. While many people believe that it is a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion, others have religious and personal beliefs that say that having an abortion is wrong. No matter where you stand on the subject, there are some countries that have made the decision for all women by making abortion illegal.

There are currently 26 countries where all abortions are illegal. It does not matter if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest. Having an abortion is never acceptable under the law in the following nations:

As mentioned, these nations make abortion illegal no matter what. There are another 37 countries that ban abortion unless an abortion would save the life of the mother. These nations are:

Other nations make abortion illegal except in instances when it would save the life of a woman or preserve her physical health. These nations are:

These nations include:

In other nations, abortion is illegal except when it is used to save the mother’s life or to preserve her physical or mental health. Those countries include:

Flag Name Area Population 2019 Growth Rate
Philippines342,353 km²108,106,3101.50%
Egypt1,002,450 km²101,168,7451.80%
Iraq438,317 km²40,412,2992.73%
Angola1,246,700 km²31,787,5663.29%
Madagascar587,041 km²26,969,6422.69%
Senegal196,722 km²16,743,8592.76%
Haiti27,750 km²11,242,8561.17%
Dominican Republic48,671 km²10,996,7741.05%
Honduras112,492 km²9,568,6881.61%
Laos236,800 km²7,064,2421.48%
El Salvador21,041 km²6,445,4050.53%
Nicaragua130,373 km²6,351,1571.06%
Mauritania1,030,700 km²4,661,1492.67%
Gabon267,668 km²2,109,0992.01%
Guinea Bissau36,125 km²1,953,7232.44%
Suriname163,820 km²573,0850.84%
Malta316 km²433,2450.27%
Sao Tome And Principe964 km²213,3792.18%
Tonga747 km²110,0410.95%
Micronesia702 km²106,9830.71%
Andorra468 km²77,0720.15%
Marshall Islands181 km²53,2110.08%
San Marino61 km²33,6830.38%
Palau459 km²22,2061.10%