Countries Where Gay Marriage Is Legal 2019

For many years, same-sex marriage has been a topic of debate. Supporters of same-sex marriage say that a relationship and subsequent marriage between two people of the same sex is natural and normal. These supporters believe that a person does not choose to be gay and is instead born this way. Supporters also say that same-sex couples are just as capable as heterosexual couples of getting married, living together, and even raising children.

On the flip side, there are people that are against gay marriage. These people may have religious beliefs that tell them this is wrong. Others say that same-sex relationships and marriage is abnormal and can have negative effects on children that are raised in a same-sex household. Studies have shown that many of these beliefs are untrue.

However, there are still nations around the world that outright ban gay marriage. Even if a wedding ceremony is performed, these couples are not recognized by the government as legally married.

But as more studies emerge that show that same-sex marriages are no different than heterosexual marriages, more countries are legally recognizing these unions. As of October 2018, the countries that legally recognize gay marriage include:

Flag Name Area Population 2019 Growth Rate
United States9,372,610 km²329,093,1100.71%
Brazil8,515,767 km²212,392,7170.72%
Mexico1,964,375 km²132,328,0351.20%
Germany357,114 km²82,438,6390.18%
United Kingdom242,900 km²66,959,0160.58%
France551,695 km²65,480,7100.38%
South Africa1,221,037 km²58,065,0971.16%
Colombia1,141,748 km²49,849,8180.78%
Spain505,992 km²46,441,0490.09%
Argentina2,780,400 km²45,101,7810.92%
Canada9,984,670 km²37,279,8110.88%
Australia7,692,024 km²25,088,6361.28%
Netherlands41,850 km²17,132,9080.28%
Belgium30,528 km²11,562,7840.56%
Portugal92,090 km²10,254,666-0.35%
Sweden450,295 km²10,053,1350.71%
Denmark43,094 km²5,775,2240.36%
Finland338,424 km²5,561,3890.34%
Norway323,802 km²5,400,9160.89%
Ireland70,273 km²4,847,1390.90%
New Zealand270,467 km²4,792,4090.90%
Uruguay181,034 km²3,482,1560.36%
Luxembourg2,586 km²596,9921.13%
Malta316 km²433,2450.27%
Iceland103,000 km²340,5660.82%