Countries With Free College 2019

Anyone that lives in the United States and other areas with college tuition costs know just how expensive attending an institute of higher education can be. A student can spends tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend college, which can be offset with grants and scholarships. However, many of these students have to take on student loans, paying hundreds of dollars each month over a long period of time to fund their education.

However, there are countries where there is no cost for attending college. Residents of these nations can receive their education for free. In fact, residents from the United States and other countries where college comes at a cost have studied abroad in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

There are several countries that offer free tuition to its citizens. In alphabetical order, these countries are:

These are the countries that offer free tuition to its own residents, but there are also a number of countries that offer free tuition to international students. In many cases, college courses are available for free but they are taught only in the country’s native language. All nations that offer free college to international students are:

  • Brazil: Classes are taught in Portuguese
  • Czech Republic: Classes taught in the Czech language are free
  • Finland
  • France: Free classes available to European Union citizens
  • Germany
  • Greece: Classes are taught in Greek
  • Iceland
  • Kenya: Free tuition available to high-scoring secondary school students
  • Luxembourg
  • Norway: Tuition is fee but living expenses come at a very high cost
  • Panama
  • Slovenia: Free education for EU citizens
  • Sweden: Free education for EU citizens
Rank Flag Name Population 2019 Area Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Growth Rate Region Subregion
1Brazil211,049,5278,515,767 km²3,287,086 mi²5.74%0.75%AmericasSouth America
2Egypt100,388,0731,002,450 km²386,946 mi²0.68%2.00%AfricaNorthern Africa
3Germany83,517,045357,114 km²137,846 mi²0.24%0.47%EuropeWestern Europe
4Turkey83,429,615783,562 km²302,455 mi²0.53%1.32%AsiaWestern Asia
5France65,129,728551,695 km²212,954 mi²0.37%0.21%EuropeWestern Europe
6Kenya52,573,973580,367 km²224,022 mi²0.39%2.30%AfricaEastern Africa
7Spain46,736,776505,992 km²195,313 mi²0.34%0.09%EuropeSouthern Europe
8Argentina44,780,6772,780,400 km²1,073,234 mi²1.87%0.95%AmericasSouth America
9Poland37,887,768312,679 km²120,694 mi²0.21%-0.09%EuropeEastern Europe
10Malaysia31,949,777330,803 km²127,690 mi²0.22%1.34%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
11Czech Republic10,689,20978,865 km²30,442 mi²< 0.1%0.22%EuropeEastern Europe
12Greece10,473,455131,990 km²50,948 mi²< 0.1%-0.46%EuropeSouthern Europe
13Sweden10,036,379450,295 km²173,814 mi²0.30%0.65%EuropeNorthern Europe
14Austria8,955,10283,871 km²32,374 mi²< 0.1%0.72%EuropeWestern Europe
15Denmark5,771,87643,094 km²16,634 mi²< 0.1%0.34%EuropeNorthern Europe
16Finland5,532,156338,424 km²130,632 mi²0.23%0.17%EuropeNorthern Europe
17Norway5,378,857323,802 km²124,988 mi²0.22%0.77%EuropeNorthern Europe
18Panama4,246,43975,417 km²29,111 mi²< 0.1%1.67%AmericasCentral America
19Uruguay3,461,734181,034 km²69,879 mi²0.12%0.36%AmericasSouth America
20Slovenia2,078,65420,273 km²7,825 mi²< 0.1%0.04%EuropeSouthern Europe
21Luxembourg615,7292,586 km²998 mi²< 0.1%1.90%EuropeWestern Europe
22Iceland339,031103,000 km²39,758 mi²< 0.1%0.69%EuropeNorthern Europe