Countries Without An A 2019

Every nation around the world is identified by its unique name. Some names are long, while others are short. Some nations have names made up of two words. And others, like the ones in these lists, are missing a specific letter. In this case, that letter is “a.”

There are plenty of countries that have the letter “a” at least once in their names – the United States of America, Canada, and China, for example. There are just 33 nations in the world that don’t contain this letter in their name.

It is important to note that many of the countries on this list do not contain the letter “a” in their names that are commonly used but may have the letter in their official name. For example, Egypt does not contain this letter, but its official name – the Arab Republic of Egypt – does.

Africa has the most countries lacking the letter “a” with a total of 12. These countries include:

Benin, Burundi Comoros, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire Djibouti Egypt Lesotho Morocco Niger Seychelles Togo

In Europe, a total of ten nations lack the letter “a” in their names. Those countries are:

Belgium Czech Republic Greece Liechtenstein, Luxembourg Montenegro Sweden Turkey United Kingdom

In the Americas, just four countries don’t have the first letter of the alphabet in their names. These nations are:

Belize Chile Mexico Peru

Asia also has just four nations that lack this letter. Those nations are:

Brunei Cyprus Timor-Leste Yemen

Finally, Oceania has just one country without the letter A. That is Fiji, which is an island located near New Zealand.

Rank Flag Name Population 2019 Area Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Growth Rate Region Subregion
1Mexico127,575,5291,964,375 km²758,249 mi²1.32%1.10%AmericasCentral America
2Egypt100,388,0731,002,450 km²386,946 mi²0.68%2.00%AfricaNorthern Africa
3Turkey83,429,615783,562 km²302,455 mi²0.53%1.32%AsiaWestern Asia
4United Kingdom67,530,172242,900 km²93,759 mi²0.16%0.58%EuropeNorthern Europe
5Morocco36,471,769446,550 km²172,368 mi²0.30%1.23%AfricaNorthern Africa
6Peru32,510,4531,285,216 km²496,093 mi²0.87%1.63%AmericasSouth America
7Yemen29,161,922527,968 km²203,796 mi²0.36%2.33%AsiaWestern Asia
8Ivory Coast25,716,544322,463 km²124,471 mi²0.22%2.58%AfricaWestern Africa
9Niger23,310,7151,267,000 km²489,062 mi²0.85%3.87%AfricaWestern Africa
10Chile18,952,038756,102 km²291,855 mi²0.51%1.19%AmericasSouth America
11Benin11,801,151112,622 km²43,472 mi²< 0.1%2.75%AfricaWestern Africa
12Belgium11,539,32830,528 km²11,784 mi²< 0.1%0.50%EuropeWestern Europe
13Burundi11,530,58027,834 km²10,744 mi²< 0.1%3.18%AfricaEastern Africa
14Czech Republic10,689,20978,865 km²30,442 mi²< 0.1%0.22%EuropeEastern Europe
15Greece10,473,455131,990 km²50,948 mi²< 0.1%-0.46%EuropeSouthern Europe
16Sweden10,036,379450,295 km²173,814 mi²0.30%0.65%EuropeNorthern Europe
17Togo8,082,36656,785 km²21,919 mi²< 0.1%2.45%AfricaWestern Africa
18Lesotho2,125,26830,355 km²11,717 mi²< 0.1%0.80%AfricaSouthern Africa
19Timor Leste1,293,11914,874 km²5,741 mi²< 0.1%1.98%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
20Cyprus1,198,5759,251 km²3,571 mi²< 0.1%0.78%EuropeEastern Europe
21Djibouti973,56023,200 km²8,955 mi²< 0.1%1.53%AfricaEastern Africa
22Fiji889,95318,272 km²7,053 mi²< 0.1%0.73%OceaniaMelanesia
23Comoros850,8861,862 km²719 mi²< 0.1%2.23%AfricaEastern Africa
24Montenegro627,98713,812 km²5,331 mi²< 0.1%0.03%EuropeSouthern Europe
25Luxembourg615,7292,586 km²998 mi²< 0.1%1.90%EuropeWestern Europe
26Brunei433,2855,765 km²2,225 mi²< 0.1%1.01%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
27Belize390,35322,966 km²8,865 mi²< 0.1%1.90%AmericasCentral America
28Seychelles97,739452 km²174 mi²< 0.1%0.66%AfricaEastern Africa
29Liechtenstein38,019160 km²62 mi²< 0.1%0.29%EuropeWestern Europe