Denmark Population 2015

The organisation known as Statistics Denmark produces figures on an annual basis pertaining to the country's population and in 2011, those numbers were declared at 5,529,888 which would make this the 111th most populous country in the world. As for the present day, the Denmark population in 2012 was thought to be in the region of 5,580,516, and up to 5.64 million in 2014.

Population Density

Current population density figures based on the 2011 estimates show that there are 129 people per square kilometre here (334 per square mile) and those figures make Denmark the 88th most densely populated country in the world.

Those statistics can be compared with a land mass of 43,075 square kilometres or 16,641 square miles which make this the 132nd largest country in terms of surface area alone.

Denmark Population 2014

Unlike some other countries in the world, Denmark has enjoyed a relatively steady growth in population since records began. Back in 1769, it was shown that numbers here had reached 797,584 and by 1787, they had climbed marginally to 841,806.

The population of Denmark had exceeded one million by 1834 when it was claimed that 1,230,964 people were living here. Similar growth continued throughout the 19th century to the point where the Denmark population had climbed to 2,449,540.

That steady but unremarkable increase had generally been the story ever since to the point where the population of Denmark in 2014 has now exceeded 5.6 million.

Age Splits

The CIA World Factbook released some figures in 2009 pertaining to the splits in age groups within Denmark itself and these were based on a total population of the time of 5,500,510.

The findings showed that 18.1% of the population of Denmark were aged between 0 and 14 years of age with a slight majority in the number of males that fell into this category.

In addition, 65.8% were aged between 15 & 64 while just 16.1% were found to be aged 65 and over. The median age within the country was therefore 39.6 years for females and 41.3 for males.

The Denmark population also enjoys a relatively healthy life expectancy rate and it rates 45th in the world in this respect. The overall average is 78.3 years and this can be split between males at 75.6 years and females at 80.78 years.

Denmark Sex Ratio 2015

49.628% Male
50.372% Female

Population Data via United Nations WPP

Denmark Population Growth

Denmark has really provided steady figures throughout its history and although the population growth is slow and sometimes negative from year to year, it is normally steady and fairly reliable. The organisation that is Statistics Denmark should therefore show that the population should breach the six million mark for the first time within the next ten years.

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