Developed Countries

A developed country is defined as a country that have a developed economy and advanced tech infrastructure when compared to other nations. Typically, a developed country is designated by look at several factors, including the gross national product, gross domestic product, per capita income, industrialization level, standard of living, and infrastructure.

Developed countries have post-industrial economies with service sectors contributing more to the nation than the industrial sector. Because there are so many factors to consider, actually defining what countries are developed can be a challenge.

The CIA The World Factbook has an entry that identifies the developed countries of the world. The World Factbook has published this list since the 1990s and features countries that are ”known as the First World, high-income countries, the North, industrial countries.”

The countries on the list mostly have a per capital GDP that exceeds $15,000, although there are a few exceptions. On this list, there are 31 developed countries. Those countries, in alphabetical order, are:

Flag Name Area Population 2018 Growth Rate
United States9,372,610 km²326,766,7480.71%
Japan377,930 km²127,185,332-0.23%
Germany357,114 km²82,293,4570.22%
Turkey783,562 km²81,916,8711.45%
United Kingdom242,900 km²66,573,5040.59%
France551,695 km²65,233,2710.39%
Italy301,336 km²59,290,969-0.12%
South Korea100,210 km²51,164,4350.36%
Spain505,992 km²46,397,4520.09%
Canada9,984,670 km²36,953,7650.90%
Australia7,692,024 km²24,772,2471.32%
Netherlands41,850 km²17,084,4590.28%
Belgium30,528 km²11,498,5190.61%
Greece131,990 km²11,142,161-0.16%
Czech Republic78,865 km²10,625,2500.07%
Portugal92,090 km²10,291,196-0.37%
Sweden450,295 km²9,982,7090.73%
Austria83,871 km²8,751,8200.19%
Switzerland41,284 km²8,544,0340.80%
Israel20,770 km²8,452,8411.58%
Singapore710 km²5,791,9011.45%
Denmark43,094 km²5,754,3560.36%
Finland338,424 km²5,542,5170.35%
Norway323,802 km²5,353,3630.90%
Ireland70,273 km²4,803,7480.88%
New Zealand270,467 km²4,749,5980.93%
Slovenia20,273 km²2,081,2600.06%
Estonia45,227 km²1,306,788-0.22%
Cyprus9,251 km²1,189,0850.81%
Luxembourg2,586 km²590,3211.18%
Iceland103,000 km²337,7800.82%