Finland Population 2015

The most recently confirmed figures with regards to the population of Finland date from 2010 when it was reported that 5,365,000 people were living here. Those numbers represented a rise of 3.6% from the census of 2000 and is therefore fairly consistent with decade by decade increases over the last fifty years.

Estimates are released in the country on an annual basis and it is claimed that the Finland population in 2012 had reached 5,404,956 and in 2014, 5.44 million, making this the 116th most populous country on the planet.

Finland Population Density

Finland has a total surface area of 338,424 square kilometres or 130,596 square miles and this makes it the 64th largest country in terms of land mass alone.

For every square kilometre of Finnish land, there is an average of 16 people here. That converts to a figure of 41 per square mile and makes this the 201st most densely populated country in the world.

Finland Population History

Recorded Finland population figures date back to 1750 and have been faithfully updated ever since. They would clearly appear to have been rounded either up or down too and in 1750, it is shown that there were 421,000 people living here.

Ten years later, those numbers had climbed to 490,000 – a rise of just over sixteen per cent and similar increases through the rest of the 1700’s took the population of Finland to 837,000 at the start of the 19th century.

The population of Finland climbed above one million for the first time by 1820 and as the 20th century began, figures within the country had increased to 2,655,900. This pattern of steady increases has continued ever since to the point where the Finland population in 2012 is rapidly approaching 5.5 million.

Finland Age Splits

Based on population figures in 2009 of 5,351,427, the CIA World Factbook suggests that 16.6% of the Finland population were aged between 0 and 14 years. In addition, 66.4% were aged between 15 and 64.

Finland Sex Ratio 2015

49.165% Male
50.835% Female

Population Data via United Nations WPP

Finland Population Growth

It is reported that population growth slowed in Finland after World War Two with average family sizes falling from 3.6 in 1950 to 2.7 by 1975. Therefore, while there is still growth here, it is considerably slower than it has been in the past. As evidence of the slowing down of population growth, Finland also has a high percentage of people aged over 65 – 17% in 2009 and that is considerably higher than the world’s average. Overall, however, the picture is still one of growth in terms of a decade by decade situation. Therefore, it could be that the population of Finland may come very close to the six million figure by 2020.

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