Five Letter Countries 2019

Countries around the world have very unique names. Take Liechtenstein, for example, which has one of the longest names with a total of 13 letters. Or let’s go the other direction and look at the countries with the shortest names of just 4 letters – countries including Chad, Cuba, and Peru. In this post, we’re going to explore countries that have five-letter names.

In total, there are 24 countries around the world with five letters in their names. One-third of these nations – eight in total – are located in Africa. In Africa, the countries that have five-letter names are:

Benin Egypt Gabon Ghana Kenya Libya Niger Sudan

In Asia, there are seven countries that have five-letter names. These nations include:

China India Japan Nepal Qatar Syria Yemen

In Oceania, there are four countries with five-letter names. Those countries are:

Nauru Palau Samoa Tonga

In Europe, there are three countries with five-letter names. Those countries are:

Italy Malta Spain

Rank Flag Name Population 2019 Area Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Growth Rate Region Subregion
1China1,433,783,6869,706,961 km²3,746,887 mi²6.54%0.43%AsiaEastern Asia
2India1,366,417,7543,287,590 km²1,269,010 mi²2.21%1.02%AsiaSouthern Asia
3Japan126,860,301377,930 km²145,881 mi²0.25%-0.27%AsiaEastern Asia
4Egypt100,388,0731,002,450 km²386,946 mi²0.68%2.00%AfricaNorthern Africa
5Italy60,550,075301,336 km²116,316 mi²0.20%-0.13%EuropeSouthern Europe
6Kenya52,573,973580,367 km²224,022 mi²0.39%2.30%AfricaEastern Africa
7Spain46,736,776505,992 km²195,313 mi²0.34%0.09%EuropeSouthern Europe
8Sudan42,813,2381,886,068 km²728,022 mi²1.27%2.42%AfricaNorthern Africa
9Ghana30,417,856238,533 km²92,074 mi²0.16%2.19%AfricaWestern Africa
10Yemen29,161,922527,968 km²203,796 mi²0.36%2.33%AsiaWestern Asia
11Nepal28,608,710147,181 km²56,812 mi²< 0.1%1.83%AsiaSouthern Asia
12Niger23,310,7151,267,000 km²489,062 mi²0.85%3.87%AfricaWestern Africa
13Syria17,070,135185,180 km²71,479 mi²0.12%0.74%AsiaWestern Asia
14Benin11,801,151112,622 km²43,472 mi²< 0.1%2.75%AfricaWestern Africa
15Libya6,777,4521,759,540 km²679,182 mi²1.19%1.48%AfricaNorthern Africa
16Qatar2,832,06711,586 km²4,472 mi²< 0.1%1.81%AsiaWestern Asia
17Gabon2,172,579267,668 km²103,320 mi²0.18%2.52%AfricaMiddle Africa
18Malta440,372316 km²122 mi²< 0.1%0.26%EuropeSouthern Europe
19Samoa197,0972,842 km²1,097 mi²< 0.1%0.49%OceaniaPolynesia
20Tonga104,494747 km²288 mi²< 0.1%1.26%OceaniaPolynesia
21Palau18,008459 km²177 mi²< 0.1%0.56%OceaniaMicronesia
22Nauru10,75621 km²8 mi²< 0.1%0.81%OceaniaMicronesia