French Speaking Countries | Francophone Countries 2019

What are the countries that speak French? There are a total of 29 countries where French is the official language. French is the only official language for 13 of these countries, while French is the co-official language of 16 countries. The most populous country where French is the official language is the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. This nation has a population of over 77 million people.

In addition to these nations, there are also several dependent entities where French has been designated as the official language. French Polynesia, which has a population of 267,000, is the most populous of all of the entities where French is the official language. All of the entities that have French as the official language are, in alphabetical order:

In the United States, French is recognized as a cultural language in both Maine and Louisiana. It is a de facto official language and is used for education, commerce and government services.