Healthiest Countries 2019

All countries aren’t created equal, and there are a variety of factors that contribute to healthy, happy countries – as well as factors that contribute to unhealthy countries. Typically, the healthiest countries are those that are developed. These countries have lower rates of pollution, access to quality health care, and access to clean, safe drinking water. Unhealthy countries, on the other hand, do not have access to clean drinking water or any type of health care. Diseases run rampant. Pollution may be high, leading to health problems, illnesses and death. The life expectancy of the residents of these countries is low, and infant mortality is high. Quality of life is dramatically lower than in the more developed countries.

The Bloomberg Global Health Index takes a look at several of these factors to rank the healthiest (and unhealthiest) countries in the world. The factors that are used to rank the countries include:

  • Health risks (tobacco use, high blood pressure, obesity)
  • Availability of clean water
  • Life expectancy
  • Malnutrition
  • Causes of death

Using these factors, each country is given a rating out of a top score of 100. According to the 2019 ranking, Spain is considered to have the healthiest people in the world with a score of 92.75. Spain boasts a life expectancy of 83.5 years, which is expected to rise to 85.8 by 2040 and be the highest in the world.

Although Spain is known for smoking, drinking a lot of wine, and staying up late, their everyday diet and lifestyle choices sets them above the rest. Spain’s diet is a Mediterranean diet filled with healthy fats and legumes, and less red meat and processed foods. Spaniards also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and walk almost everywhere that they can. Spain has the highest percentage of walkers in Europe, with 37% of them walking to work instead of driving (only 6% of Americans walk to work). Additionally, Spain’s universal healthcare program is very successful, and they have managed to lower their rate of preventable deaths to 45.4 preventable deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

Other countries that ranked high for health include Italy, Iceland, Japan and Switzerland. Factors including outdoor activities and exercise, high-quality health care and healthy diets are just a few of the things that contribute to these nations’ healthier lifestyles and higher life expectancies.

The top 10 healthiest countries according to the Bloomberg Global Health Index are listed below in the order they were ranked.

Flag Country Health Grade Population 2019 Area
Spain92.7546,736,776505,992 km²
Italy91.5960,550,075301,336 km²
Iceland91.44339,031103,000 km²
Japan91.38126,860,301377,930 km²
Switzerland90.938,591,36541,284 km²
Sweden90.2410,036,379450,295 km²
Australia89.7525,203,1987,692,024 km²
Singapore89.295,804,337710 km²
Norway89.095,378,857323,802 km²
Israel88.158,519,37720,770 km²
Luxembourg87.39615,7292,586 km²
France86.9465,129,728551,695 km²
Austria86.38,955,10283,871 km²
Finland85.895,532,156338,424 km²
Netherlands85.8617,097,13041,850 km²
Canada85.737,411,0479,984,670 km²
South Korea85.4151,225,308100,210 km²
New Zealand85.064,783,063270,467 km²
United Kingdom84.2867,530,172242,900 km²
Ireland84.064,882,49570,273 km²
Cyprus83.581,198,5759,251 km²
Portugal83.110,226,18792,090 km²
Germany83.0683,517,045357,114 km²
Slovenia82.722,078,65420,273 km²
Denmark82.695,771,87643,094 km²
Greece82.2910,473,455131,990 km²
Malta81.7440,372316 km²
Belgium80.4611,539,32830,528 km²
Czech Republic77.5910,689,20978,865 km²
Cuba74.6611,333,483109,884 km²
Croatia73.364,130,30456,594 km²
Estonia73.321,325,64845,227 km²
Costa Rica73.215,047,56151,100 km²
Chile73.2118,952,038756,102 km²
United States73.02329,064,9179,372,610 km²
Bahrain72.311,641,172765 km²
Qatar71.972,832,06711,586 km²
Maldives70.95530,953300 km²
Lebanon70.536,855,71310,452 km²
Poland70.2537,887,768312,679 km²
Montenegro69.69627,98713,812 km²
Bosnia And Herzegovina69.663,301,00051,209 km²
Albania68.042,880,91728,748 km²
Brunei67.96433,2855,765 km²
Slovakia67.285,457,01349,037 km²
United Arab Emirates67.149,770,52983,600 km²
Uruguay65.663,461,734181,034 km²
Hungary64.439,684,67993,028 km²
Oman64.074,974,986309,500 km²
Panama64.014,246,43975,417 km²
Turkey62.8183,429,615783,562 km²
China62.521,433,783,6869,706,961 km²
Mexico62.09127,575,5291,964,375 km²
Argentina61.1944,780,6772,780,400 km²
Serbia60.998,772,23588,361 km²
Macedonia60.212,083,45925,713 km²