Population of Cities in Iraq (2017)

Iraq is one of the world's most populous country, ranking 37th with a population that exceeds 37 million. This country has many major cities that contribute heavily to this total population count. The largest city in the country is Baghdad, which has a population of over 5 million. Its next most populous city, Al Basrah, has a population of over 2.6 million -- a respectable number but still less than half of the population found in Baghdad. These aren't the only cities with populations exceeding 1,000,000. There are three other cities that have populations of over 1,000,000, and these cities are Al Mawsil al Jadidah, Mosul and Al Basrah al Qadimah. There are 22 cities with populations topping 100,000 but falling below the 1,000,000 inhabitant milestone, and 41 cities with minimum populations of 10,000 residents. There are also smaller cities and towns that have populations under 10,000 which contribute to the total count of this populous country.

Iraq has 31% of its population living in the rural areas of the country. In 1960, this number was at 57%, and it has declined and will continue to decline as more people move away from rural areas to pursue employment in the larger urban areas, as well as migrants that move to the country for these same opportunities. Iraq's population has not stopped growing over the last few decades, and it currently has a very healthy growth rate. Because of this continued population growth, it will be interesting to see how the population of the country as a whole, as well as its major cities, will handle the added inhabitants.

Iraq has 5 cities with more than a million people, 22 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 42 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. The largest city in Iraq is Baghdad, with a population of 7,216,000 people.


The capital of the Republic of Iraq is the second largest city in the Arab world.


Al Basrah

Despite not having deep water access, this city is Iraq's main port.

Al Mawsil al Jadidah

Primary products that have come from this city include oil and marble.


Al Basrah al Qadimah

This city, which was a proposed location for the Garden of Eden, is one of the hottest cities in Iraq.



The history of this city dates back to as far as 25 BC.



This city has been named an Arab Tourism Capital and its Erbil Citadel is a World Heritage Site.


Abu Ghurayb

This city was created by the Iraqi government in 1944.


As Sulaymaniyah

Kurdish prince Ibrahim Pasha Baban founded this city in 1784.



This is a multilingual city that has a very ethnically diverse population.


An Najaf

An Najaf is considered to be the third holiest city of Islam and the Shia world’s spiritual capital.

Name 2017 Population
Baghdad 7,216,000
Basrah 2,600,000
Al Mawsil al Jadidah 2,065,597
Al Basrah al Qadimah 2,015,483
Mosul 1,739,800
Erbil 932,800
Abu Ghurayb 900,000
As Sulaymaniyah 723,170
Kirkuk 601,433
Najaf 482,576
Karbala 434,450
An Nasiriyah 400,249
Al 'Amarah 323,302
Ad Diwaniyah 318,801
Al Kut 315,162
Al Hillah 289,709
Dihok 284,000
Ramadi 274,539
Al Fallujah 190,159
Samarra' 158,508
As Samawah 152,890
Baqubah 152,550
Sinah 128,776
Az Zubayr 122,676
Kufa 110,000
Umm Qasr 107,620
Al Faw 104,569
Zaxo 95,052
Al Harithah 92,395
Ash Shatrah 82,732
Al Hayy 78,272
Jamjamal 75,634
Khalis 70,046
Tozkhurmato 59,886
Ash Shamiyah 57,661
Al Hindiyah 57,490
Halabjah 57,333
Al Miqdadiyah 50,698
Al-Hamdaniya 50,000
Ar Rumaythah 47,248
Koysinceq 44,987
Al 'Aziziyah 44,751
Al Musayyib 42,901
Tikrit 42,477
As Suwayrah 42,354
Balad 42,088
Sinjar 38,294
Imam Qasim 36,992
Bayji 36,454
Hit 31,901
Hadithah 30,925
Nahiyat Ghammas 30,909
Nahiyat Saddat al Hindiyah 30,622
Kifri 30,143
Mandali 29,785
Baynjiwayn 27,116
'Anah 27,000
Ad Dujayl 26,362
Tallkayf 23,524
Al Mishkhab 23,189
'Aqrah 23,000
Ruwandiz 22,943
Nahiyat ash Shinafiyah 22,643
Ar Rutbah 22,370
'Afak 21,888
Nahiyat al Fuhud 21,551
'Anat al Qadimah 19,719
'Ali al Gharbi 19,711
Rawah 13,000