Largest Countries In Asia 2020

What are the largest countries in Asia? Here is a list of the top ten largest countries by area in square miles:

  1. China (3,746,887 square miles)
  2. India (1,269,010 square miles)
  3. Kazakhstan (1,051,811 square miles)
  4. Saudi Arabia (829,780 square miles)
  5. Indonesia (735,164 square miles)
  6. Iran (636,203 square miles)
  7. Mongolia (603,746 square miles)
  8. Pakistan (340,418 square miles)
  9. Turkey (302,455 square miles)
  10. Myanmar (261,159 square miles)

The total area of Asia is 44.5 million km² (17.2 million mi²) split across 50 countries.

The largest country in Asia is China, which is 9,706,961 km² (3,746,887 mi²). China takes up about 6.54% of Earth’s total surface area, and is the third largest country in the world (behind Russia and Canada). China’s current population is 1.43 billion people, which is the highest in the world.

The smallest country in Asia is Macau, which is also the eighth smallest country in the world. Macau spans a total of 30 km² (12 mi²). Macau has a population of 641,823 people.

Rank Country Area Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Region Subregion
1China9,706,961 km²3,746,887 mi²6.54%AsiaEastern Asia
2India3,287,590 km²1,269,010 mi²2.21%AsiaSouthern Asia
3Kazakhstan2,724,900 km²1,051,811 mi²1.84%AsiaCentral Asia
4Saudi Arabia2,149,690 km²829,780 mi²1.45%AsiaWestern Asia
5Indonesia1,904,569 km²735,164 mi²1.28%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
6Iran1,648,195 km²636,203 mi²1.11%AsiaSouthern Asia
7Mongolia1,564,110 km²603,746 mi²1.05%AsiaEastern Asia
8Pakistan881,912 km²340,418 mi²0.59%AsiaSouthern Asia
9Turkey783,562 km²302,455 mi²0.53%AsiaWestern Asia
10Myanmar676,578 km²261,159 mi²0.46%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
11Afghanistan652,230 km²251,761 mi²0.44%AsiaSouthern Asia
12Yemen527,968 km²203,796 mi²0.36%AsiaWestern Asia
13Thailand513,120 km²198,064 mi²0.35%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
14Turkmenistan488,100 km²188,407 mi²0.33%AsiaCentral Asia
15Uzbekistan447,400 km²172,696 mi²0.30%AsiaCentral Asia
16Iraq438,317 km²169,190 mi²0.30%AsiaWestern Asia
17Japan377,930 km²145,881 mi²0.25%AsiaEastern Asia
18Philippines342,353 km²132,148 mi²0.23%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
19Vietnam331,212 km²127,848 mi²0.22%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
20Malaysia330,803 km²127,690 mi²0.22%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
21Oman309,500 km²119,467 mi²0.21%AsiaWestern Asia
22Laos236,800 km²91,405 mi²0.16%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
23Kyrgyzstan199,951 km²77,181 mi²0.13%AsiaCentral Asia
24Syria185,180 km²71,479 mi²0.12%AsiaWestern Asia
25Cambodia181,035 km²69,880 mi²0.12%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
26Bangladesh147,570 km²56,962 mi²< 0.1%AsiaSouthern Asia
27Nepal147,181 km²56,812 mi²< 0.1%AsiaSouthern Asia
28Tajikistan143,100 km²55,237 mi²< 0.1%AsiaCentral Asia
29North Korea120,538 km²46,528 mi²< 0.1%AsiaEastern Asia
30South Korea100,210 km²38,681 mi²< 0.1%AsiaEastern Asia
31Jordan89,342 km²34,486 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
32Azerbaijan86,600 km²33,428 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
33United Arab Emirates83,600 km²32,270 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
34Georgia69,700 km²26,904 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
35Sri Lanka65,610 km²25,325 mi²< 0.1%AsiaSouthern Asia
36Bhutan38,394 km²14,820 mi²< 0.1%AsiaSouthern Asia
37Taiwan36,193 km²13,970 mi²< 0.1%AsiaEastern Asia
38Armenia29,743 km²11,481 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
39Israel20,770 km²8,017 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
40Kuwait17,818 km²6,878 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
41Qatar11,586 km²4,472 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
42Lebanon10,452 km²4,034 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
43Palestine6,220 km²2,401 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
44Brunei5,765 km²2,225 mi²< 0.1%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
45Hong Kong1,104 km²426 mi²< 0.1%AsiaEastern Asia
46Bahrain765 km²295 mi²< 0.1%AsiaWestern Asia
47Singapore710 km²274 mi²< 0.1%AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
48Maldives300 km²116 mi²< 0.1%AsiaSouthern Asia
49Macau30 km²12 mi²< 0.1%AsiaEastern Asia