Least Racist Countries 2019

Racism is defined as a belief that one race is superior to another. Racism typically results in discrimination and prejudice against other races. A person that is racist often believes that their race is superior, while other races are inferior.

Unfortunately, racism is a sad reality in nations throughout the world. However, some nations have a population that is far more tolerant of other races. Determining the most and least racist countries isn’t something that can be measured exactly, like population. Instead, data from reports and surveys can he used and evaluated to determine what nations are the most tolerant or other races.

Two Swedish economists in 2013 used the World Values Survey to determine which nations were the least racist. Respondents from over 80 nations responded to the survey. One of the questions on the survey asked what type of people respondents would not want to have as neighbors. One of the responses was “people of a different race.”

Of course, this doesn’t give a full picture of the most and least racist nations, but it does give an idea of racial tolerance around the world.

In the survey, India and Jordan were found to be the least racially tolerant of all nations. More than 40% of respondents in these nations stated that they would not want to be neighbors with a person of another race. Racial tolerance was mixed throughout Europe, with France and the Balkan nations proving to be the least tolerant.

Nations in the Middle East are also not racially tolerant based on the survey results. Egypt and Saudi Arabia were shown to be the least tolerant in this area.

Other nations that were deemed to be the least racially tolerant based on survey results include Indonesia, the Philippines, China, and parts of sub-Saharan Africa.