Median Income By Country 2019

The median income of a nation is a number that falls in the middle of the nation’s income distribution. In other words, half of the nation’s adult residents have disposable income higher than this number, while the other half has disposable income that falls below this number.

In this article, we’ll explore the median income around the world. These figures use purchasing power parity, or PPP, to eliminate variations in exchange rates and to provide the most accurate data.

The highest median income can be found in the nation of Luxembourg. Here, the median income is $38,516. Next on the list is Norway with a median income of $37,129. In third place is Switzerland with a median income of $34,608. Falling only slightly behind Switzerland is the United States, which has a median income of $34,514. The nation with the 5th highest median income is Australia at $31,340. This is also the last nation to have a median income above $30,000.

Other nations with high median incomes include:

On the other end, there are nations that have a very low median income. Poland, Estonia, and Romania have median incomes of less than $14,000. Portugal, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic also have lower median incomes. These figures are based on OECD data.

According to data from Gallup, however, the median household income worldwide is $9,733. Countries with the lowest median income include Libera, Burundi, Mali, Benin, Togo, Sierra Leone, and Madagascar. This data is based on self-reported data that was gathered between 2006 and 2012.