Most Peaceful Countries 2019

Each year, the Institute for Economics and Peace releases the Global Peace Index. This is a study of 163 independent nations and territories around the world that uses indicators to determine which nations are the most dangerous, as well as which are the most peaceful.

There are a total of 23 indicators used to compile this list. These indicators are split across three different categories: militarization, safety and security, and domestic and international conflict.

The 2018 study was recently released showing the most peaceful countries in the world. At the top of this list is Iceland. This isn’t a surprise, as this nation has taken the top spot for 10 years in a row. Features that stand out in this country that make it the most peaceful in the world is low crime rates and “non-existent” tension among the economic classes.

The second most peaceful country according to the Global Peace Index is New Zealand, which has remained in the top four most peaceful nations for the last 10 years.

The third most peaceful country in the nation is Austria, which has been in the top 4 since 2014. This nation scores high in areas such as income, housing, and jobs. However, a crackdown of migrants, rallies from protestors, and the Freedom Party have all have an impact on the peacefulness of this nation.

The remaining top 10 nations that are considered the most peaceful in the world according to the 2018 Global Peace Index are:

Flag Name Population 2019 Area Growth Rate
Japan126,854,745377,930 km²-0.26%
Canada37,279,8119,984,670 km²0.88%
Czech Republic10,630,58978,865 km²0.05%
Portugal10,254,66692,090 km²-0.35%
Austria8,766,20183,871 km²0.16%
Singapore5,868,104710 km²1.32%
Denmark5,775,22443,094 km²0.36%
Ireland4,847,13970,273 km²0.90%
New Zealand4,792,409270,467 km²0.90%
Iceland340,566103,000 km²0.82%