Most Visited Countries 2019

When you are trying to figure out which countries are most visited, it’s easiest to view the situation by looking at tourism on an annual basis. Otherwise, trying to figure out the countries that are most visited can be really difficult. We will focus on those two variables -- tourism rates and the number of tourists that visit on an annual basis -- in order to decipher which countries are the most visited nations every year.

A common theme that you will find when looking at countries with the highest rates of tourism over a given year is that they have always been popular destinations. Most of them are countries in Europe, and the majority of the most visited countries are very near to, if not directly positioned on, the coasts of different bodies of water. People want to escape their everyday life and explore places that are relaxed, lowkey, and beautiful, which tends to be the areas that are beachside and provide access to gorgeous oceanic scenery.

Here are the top most visited countries as of an analysis that is up-to-date in 2019…

Now, here are the top teen most visited countries in the world joined by the respective number of people who visited each country in 2017, which is the most accurate calculation of tourism rates at the moment.

  • France, 86.9 million people
  • Spain, 81.8 million people
  • The United States of America, 76.9 million people
  • China, 60.7 million people
  • Italy, 58.3 million people
  • Mexico, 39.3 million people
  • The United Kingdom, 37.7 million people
  • Turkey, 37.6 million people
  • Germany, 37.5 million people
  • Thailand, 35.4 million people

Let’s go into detail about the top ten most visited countries around the world. We’ll start with France, which ranks as the number one most visited nation on the globe, and we’ll make our way down the list of other top-ranking countries on the most visited list.


France has a population of 65,450,090 people, and with a total area of 211,413 square miles, the population density of France is about three hundred ten people per square mile. The majority of French residents live in the cities of France, while less than twenty percent of people in France reside in the outskirts of the busiest urban areas of France. Around 0.85% of the world's population live in France, and this fact ranks France as the twenty-second biggest country in the world with population in consideration. On average, people who are born in France end up living around forty-one years old.


The population of Spain is estimated to be around 46,435,537 people. With a total area calculated to be 192,588 square miles of land, the population density of Spain is about two hundred forty-one people for every square mile within the country's official boundaries. Looking solely at Spain's population, data analysts have declared that Spain ranks as the thirtieth largest country in the world with population being the only factor in mind. Although Spain seems to have quite a high number of residents, the country's population is actually only a tiny fraction of the global population. Compared to everyone on Earth, those who live in Spain only account for 0.6% of the whole world.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the home of over sixty-six million people. With a population size of about 66,909,462 people, the United Kingdom is a group of countries in Europe, and the UK is inclusive of Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland. The United Kingdom is an interesting place to name as one of the most visited countries, primarily because it is made up of four different countries rather than being one individual country on its own. But that is precisely why the UK attracts such a high percentage of the tourism industry every year.

People are drawn to the United Kingdom due to the fact that it is a region of multiple countries. There is more to see, do, eat, and try when you have multiple cultures in one area, so people find a lot of joy in perusing the countries of the United Kingdom and exploring the island that is home to various countries. As the twenty-first largest place to live in relation to population size, the United Kingdom has a density value of about seven hundred seventeen people for every square mile of area. Speaking of area, the total area of the United Kingdom is about 93,410 square miles. The United Kingdom is collectively the equivalent of 0.87% of everyone who lives on Earth, which is not the largest percentage to rank as given the fact that the UK is four countries in one. However, this is good news for vacationers who want to relax in an area that is not overcrowded and populated beyond belief.


The population of Turkey is around 82,831,977 people since the latest head count in 2019. As the seventeenth largest country in terms of population size, Turkey's population is around 1.1% of whole wide world's population. The country's total area amounts to about 297,156 square miles. By taking Turkey's population size and dividing the population by the nation's total area, you will end up with a value of two hundred seventy-nine. This value is known as the country's population density, which means that for every square mile of area in Turkey, there are about two hundred ninety-seven people.


The South Asian country of Thailand is a nation of 69,290,565 people. The country comprises a total area of 197,256 square miles, which amounts to a population density of around three hundred fifty-one people per square mile of land. As the twentieth largest country in terms of the number of people who live there, Thailand is home to only 0.9% of the world's total population. While there are plenty of suburban regions in Thailand, the majority of Thai people inhabit the urban areas of the country.

Country International Tourist Arrivals International Tourism Receipts Population 2019
France82,700,000$54.53 billion65,129,728
United States76,407,000$206.90 billion329,064,917
Spain75,315,000$60.50 billion46,736,776
China59,270,000$44.43 billion1,433,783,686
Italy52,372,000$40.25 billion60,550,075
United Kingdom35,814,000$47.91 billion67,530,172
Germany35,595,000$37.45 billion83,517,045
Mexico35,079,000$19.65 billion127,575,529
Thailand32,588,000$48.79 billion69,625,582
Turkey30,289,000$18.74 billion83,429,615
Austria28,121,000$19.26 billion8,955,102
Malaysia26,757,000$18.07 billion31,949,777
Hong Kong26,553,000$32.85 billion7,436,154
Greece24,799,000$14.62 billion10,473,455
Russia24,571,000$7.79 billion145,872,256
Japan24,039,000$30.68 billion126,860,301
Canada19,971,000$18.02 billion37,411,047
Portugal18,200,000$771.00 million10,226,187
Saudi Arabia18,044,000$11.10 billion34,268,528
Poland17,463,000$10.98 billion37,887,768
South Korea17,242,000$17.33 billion51,225,308
Netherlands15,828,000$14.05 billion17,097,130
Hungary15,256,000$5.66 billion9,684,679
United Arab Emirates14,870,000$19.50 billion9,770,529
India14,570,000$22.43 billion1,366,417,754
Croatia13,809,000$9.63 billion4,130,304
Ukraine13,333,000$1.08 billion43,993,638
Singapore12,914,000$18.95 billion5,804,337
Czech Republic12,808,000$6.31 billion10,689,209
Indonesia11,072,000$11.21 billion270,625,568
Denmark10,781,000$7.05 billion5,771,876
Taiwan10,690,000$13.38 billion23,773,876
Switzerland10,402,000$16.26 billion8,591,365
Morocco10,332,000$6.55 billion36,471,769
Ireland10,100,000$5.19 billion4,882,495
South Africa10,044,000$7.91 billion58,558,270
Vietnam10,013,000$8.25 billion96,462,106
Syria8,546,000$6.19 billion17,070,135
Australia8,269,000$37.04 billion25,203,198
Bulgaria8,252,000$3.63 billion7,000,119
Belgium7,481,000$11.61 billion11,539,328
Argentina6,638,000$4.69 billion44,780,677
Sweden6,559,000$12.75 billion10,036,379
Brazil6,547,000$6.02 billion211,049,527
Philippines5,967,000$5.14 billion108,116,615
Norway5,960,000$5.20 billion5,378,857
Dominican Republic5,959,000$6.72 billion10,738,958
Tunisia5,724,000$1.24 billion11,694,719
Chile5,641,000$2.67 billion18,952,038
Slovakia5,415,000$2.75 billion5,457,013
Egypt5,258,000$2.65 billion100,388,073
Cambodia5,012,000$3.21 billion16,486,542
Iran4,942,000$3.71 billion82,913,906
Bahrain4,372,000$3.64 billion1,641,172
Albania4,070,000$1.69 billion2,880,917
Cuba3,975,000$2.91 billion11,333,483
Sierra Leone3,954,000..7,813,215
Peru3,744,000$3.50 billion32,510,453
Puerto Rico3,736,000$3.98 billion2,933,408
Jordan3,567,000$4.04 billion10,101,694
New Zealand3,370,000$9.47 billion4,783,063
Colombia3,317,000$4.52 billion50,339,443
Laos3,315,000$712.00 million7,169,455
Cyprus3,187,000$2.75 billion1,198,575
Estonia3,131,000$1.49 billion1,325,648
Uruguay3,037,000$2.07 billion3,461,734
Slovenia3,032,000$2.42 billion2,078,654
Kazakhstan2,991,000$1.55 billion18,551,427
Qatar2,938,000$5.41 billion2,832,067
Kyrgyzstan2,930,000$432.00 million6,415,850
Costa Rica2,925,000$3.72 billion5,047,561
Myanmar2,907,000$2.26 billion54,045,420
Israel2,900,000$5.88 billion8,519,377
Finland2,789,000$2.73 billion5,532,156
Georgia2,721,000$2.17 billion3,996,765
Romania2,481,000$1.74 billion19,364,557
Lithuania2,296,000$1.21 billion2,759,627
Oman2,292,000$1.73 billion4,974,986
Jamaica2,182,000$2.54 billion2,948,279
Zimbabwe2,168,000$890.00 million14,645,468
Sri Lanka2,051,000$3.52 billion21,323,733
Azerbaijan2,045,000$2.71 billion10,047,718
Algeria2,039,000$209.00 million43,053,054
Belarus2,000,000$790.00 million9,452,411
Botswana1,973,000$578.00 million2,303,697
Malta1,966,000$1.45 billion440,372
Panama1,921,000$4.40 billion4,246,439
Nigeria1,889,000$1.07 billion200,963,599
Ivory Coast1,800,000$379.00 million25,716,544
Latvia1,793,000$867.00 million1,906,743
Iceland1,792,000$2.40 billion339,031
Lebanon1,688,000$7.04 billion6,855,713
Montenegro1,662,000$925.00 million627,987
Mozambique1,639,000$108.00 million30,366,036
Guatemala1,585,000$1.55 billion17,581,472
Iraq1,518,000$2.42 billion39,309,783
Nicaragua1,504,000$642.00 million6,545,502
Bahamas1,482,000$2.59 billion389,482
Namibia1,469,000$307.00 million2,494,530
El Salvador1,434,000$829.00 million6,453,553
Ecuador1,418,000$1.44 billion17,373,662
Uganda1,323,000$1.06 billion44,269,594
Paraguay1,308,000$519.00 million7,044,636
Maldives1,286,000$2.51 billion530,953
Serbia1,281,000$1.15 billion8,772,235
Mauritius1,275,000$1.57 billion1,269,668
Kenya1,268,000$824.00 million52,573,973
Armenia1,260,000$968.00 million2,957,731
Tanzania1,233,000$2.13 billion58,005,463
Aruba1,102,000$1.63 billion106,314
Luxembourg1,054,000$4.08 billion615,729
Yemen1,025,000$1.16 billion29,161,922
Uzbekistan975,000$121.00 million32,981,716
Bolivia959,000$713.00 million11,513,100
Zambia956,000$683.00 million17,861,030
Rwanda932,000$390.00 million12,626,950
Ghana931,000$846.00 million30,417,856
Honduras908,000$693.00 million9,746,117
Pakistan907,000$322.00 million216,565,318
Senegal900,000$453.00 million16,296,364
Ethiopia871,000$346.00 million112,078,730
Malawi849,000$631.00 million18,628,747
Sudan800,000$1.03 billion42,813,238
Fiji792,000$777.00 million889,953
Bosnia And Herzegovina777,000$724.00 million3,301,000
Nepal753,000$446.00 million28,608,710
United States Virgin Islands667,000$1.34 billion104,578
Barbados632,000$1.04 billion287,025
Venezuela601,000$473.00 million28,515,829
Cape Verde598,000$370.00 million549,935
Cameroon569,000$505.00 million25,876,380
Martinique519,000$365.00 million375,554
Reunion458,000$360.00 million888,927
Lesotho414,000$823.00 million2,125,268
Trinidad And Tobago409,000$464.00 million1,394,973
British Virgin Islands408,000$389.00 million30,030
Mongolia404,000$316.00 million3,225,167
Palestine400,000$235.00 million4,981,420
Angola397,000$623.00 million31,825,295
Cayman Islands385,000$686.00 million64,948
Dr Congo351,000$4.00 million86,790,567
Saint Lucia348,000$404.00 million182,790
Seychelles303,000$414.00 million97,739
Bangladesh303,000$133.00 million163,046,161
Madagascar293,000$750.00 million26,969,307
Benin267,000$123.00 million11,801,151
Suriname257,000$546.00 million581,372
Haiti255,000$504.00 million11,263,077
Bermuda244,000$513.00 million62,506
Brunei219,000$144.00 million433,285
Republic Of The Congo211,000$27.00 million5,380,508
Bhutan210,000$91.00 million763,092
Kuwait203,000$599.00 million4,207,083
French Polynesia192,000$488.00 million279,287
French Guiana189,000..290,832
Burundi187,000$22.00 million11,530,580
Mali173,000$200.00 million19,658,031
Gambia161,000$116.00 million2,347,706
Tajikistan160,000$248.00 million9,321,018
Burkina Faso152,000$72.12 billion20,321,378
Niger152,000$77.00 million23,310,715
Eritrea142,000$48.00 million3,497,117
Grenada135,000$149.00 million112,003
Moldova121,000$243.00 million4,043,263
San Marino60,000..33,860
Central African Republic54,000$11.00 million4,745,185
Djibouti51,000$1.83 billion973,560
Guinea Bissau22,000$1.32 billion1,920,922
Libya..$60.00 million6,777,452
Equatorial Guinea....1,355,986