Newly Industrialized Countries 2019

The word industrialized refers to a region that has developed industries. This includes tech enterprises, manufacturing, and other industries that bolster the economic activity of the region.

Another term related to industrialization is Newly Industrialized Country, or NIC. This is a term that was created by economists and political scientists to describe countries with economic development that falls between the classifications of First World and developing.

Countries that are classified as NICs have rapid export-driven economic growth and a migration of workers from rural areas to urbanized regions.

There are a handful of nations that are currently categorized as NICs. These nations are:

Most economists and political scientists believe that these are NICs. However, there are a few other nations that are up for debate, including Argentina, Russia, Chile, Sri Lanka, and Egypt.

* Data is from 2018.
Country GDP GDP per Capita GDP Growth Human Development Index Population 2019
China$13.41 trillion$9,6086.57%0.7521,433,783,686
India$2.72 trillion$2,0367.05%0.641,366,417,754
Brazil$1.87 trillion$8,9681.11%0.759211,049,527
Mexico$1.22 trillion$9,8071.99%0.774127,575,529
Indonesia$1.02 trillion$3,8715.17%0.694270,625,568
Turkey$766.00 billion$9,3462.57%0.79183,429,615
Thailand$487.00 billion$7,1874.13%0.75569,625,582
South Africa$368.00 billion$6,3770.79%0.69958,558,270
Philippines$354.00 billion$3,2466.20%0.699108,116,615
Malaysia$354.00 billion$10,9424.72%0.80231,949,777