OFAC Countries 2019

OFAC is an acronym that stands for the Office of Foreign Asset Control. This is a department through the United States Treasury that imposes economic and trade sanctions against foreign countries. These sanctions are applied to both nations and groups that have been involved in drug trafficking, terrorism, and other activities.

OFAC was first created in 1950 during the Korean War. President Harry Truman froze Chinese and Korean assets after China entered the war. Sanctions are imposed based on foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States, as well as sanctions mandated by the United Nations.

Let’s look at an example of what OFAC could do. If one country invaded another country, OFAC would enforce sanctions by freezing trade and other assets. This is done in order to facilitate talks or other action that would stop conflict.

Sanctioned countries include the following:

This list is updated frequently and the most current version can always be found on the official U.S. Treasury website.

Rank Flag Name Population 2019 Area Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Growth Rate Region Subregion
1Iran82,913,9061,648,195 km²636,203 mi²1.11%1.36%AsiaSouthern Asia
2Sudan42,813,2381,886,068 km²728,022 mi²1.27%2.42%AfricaNorthern Africa
3Iraq39,309,783438,317 km²169,190 mi²0.30%2.28%AsiaWestern Asia
4Ivory Coast25,716,544322,463 km²124,471 mi²0.22%2.58%AfricaWestern Africa
5North Korea25,666,161120,538 km²46,528 mi²< 0.1%0.46%AsiaEastern Asia
6Syria17,070,135185,180 km²71,479 mi²0.12%0.74%AsiaWestern Asia
7Zimbabwe14,645,468390,757 km²150,832 mi²0.26%1.43%AfricaEastern Africa
8Cuba11,333,483109,884 km²42,415 mi²< 0.1%-0.04%AmericasCaribbean
9Belarus9,452,411207,600 km²80,134 mi²0.14%-0.00%EuropeEastern Europe
10Liberia4,937,374111,369 km²42,988 mi²< 0.1%2.46%AfricaWestern Africa