Stan Countries

The suffix “-stan” is of Indo-European and Indo-Iranian origin. The suffix means “country” or “place of” in Persian. Countries and regions bearing this prefix are located throughout Asia, Russia, and other areas where Persian culture has been adopted.

There are seven nations that have the suffix “-stan” in their English names. Those nations are:

Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Pakistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan

Of these nations, Kazakhstan is the largest by area. The smallest is Tajikistan. By population, Pakistan is the largest with a population of over 207 million. The smallest by population is Turkmenistan, which has a population of over 5.1 million.

There are also several nations that have the suffix in their native names. This includes:

Armenia Armenian: Hayastan Persian: Armanestan Bulgaria Turkish: Bulgaristan Croatia Turkish: Hirvatistan England Persian: Engelestan Georgia Armenian: Vrastan Persian: Gorjestan Greece Armenian: Hunastan Turkish: Yunanistan Hungary Persian: Majarestan Turkish: Macaristan India Persian: Hindustan Turkish: Hindistan Mongolia Persian: Mogholestan Turkish: Mogolistan Poland Armenian: Lehastan Turkish: Suudi Arabistan Serbia Persian: Serbestan Turkish: Sirbistan

There are also several sub-national regions and cities that feature this suffix. This includes the cities of Arghistan and Gulistan in Afghanistan, Burastan and Aygestan in Armenia, Takestan and Larestan in Iran, and other areas throughout Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan.

Flag Name Area Population 2018 Growth Rate
Pakistan881,912 km²200,813,8181.93%
Afghanistan652,230 km²36,373,1762.37%
Uzbekistan447,400 km²32,364,9961.42%
Kazakhstan2,724,900 km²18,403,8601.10%
Tajikistan143,100 km²9,107,2112.08%
Kyrgyzstan199,951 km²6,132,9321.45%
Turkmenistan488,100 km²5,851,4661.62%