Suicide Rate By Country 2019

Suicide occurs throughout the world, affecting individuals of all nations, cultures, religions, genders and classes. In fact, statistics show that the countries with the highest suicide rates in the world are incredibly diverse. For example in 2019, among the top five are the eastern European country of Lithuania (31.9 suicides per 100k), the eastern European country of Russia (31 suicides per 100k), the south American country of Guyana (29.2 suicides per 100k), and the Asian country of South Korea (26.9 suicides per 100k). A number of other eastern European countries have high suicide rates, including Belarus (26.2 suicides per 100k), Suriname and Kazakhstan, both at around 22 suicides per 100k.

In contrast, the only western European nation with a particularly high suicide rate is Belgium, which ranks at number eleven with 20.7 suicides per 100k. However, it is worth noting that Belgium has some of the world's most liberal laws on doctor-assisted suicide, which is likely to be a factor in its statistics. Interestingly, the country of Bhutan, which is famous for measuring Gross National Happiness, an index used to measure the collective happiness and wellbeing of its population, has a moderately high suicide rate at 11.4 per 100k.

Perhaps surprisingly, many of the most troubled nations in the world have comparatively low suicide rates. Afghanistan has 4.7 suicides per 100k, Iraq has three and Syria has just 1.9. It is not clear if the suicide statistics for these countries reflect suicides committed due to mental health problems and terminal illnesses (which are the primary reasons for suicide in most of the world), or if they also include suicides committed as part of the ongoing conflicts in these countries.

The lowest suicide rates in the world are concentrated in the Caribbean Islands of the Bahamas, Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua and Barbuda. Suicide is almost unheard of in each of these countries, with Barbados and Antigua And Barbuda reporting 0.8 and 0.5 suicides per 100k, respectively.

Suicide in South Korea

According to the World Health Organization, the suicide rate in South Korea is the 10th highest in the world. One factor in its high suicide rate is suicides among the elderly. Traditionally, children have been expected to care for their aging parents; however, because this system has largely disappeared in the twenty-first century, many elderly people commit suicide, so they do not feel like they are a financial burden on their families.

In addition to the elderly, students have higher-than-average suicide rates, at least in part because their families tend to put high levels of pressure on them to succeed academically. When they do not achieve the goals that their parents have set for them, they may feel that they have dishonored their families and commit suicide. Alcohol use, sleep deprivation, stress, and poor social relationships can put students at increased risk of suicide.

One of the most common methods of committing suicide in South Korea is poisoning via carbon monoxide. Additionally, many choose to jump off a bridge. In the capital city of Seoul, the Mapo Bridge has earned the nickname “The Bridge of Death” or “Suicide Bridge” because of how many people jump off of it.

The government of South Korea is making efforts to curb the suicide epidemic. It is striving to increase access to mental healthcare, a necessity as 90% of suicide victims in South Korea may have a diagnosable and treatable mental health condition. It is also providing education to community leaders to help prevent suicides at a local level.

Suicide in Japan

In Japan, suicide borders on a crisis level, though the government has been active in intervention to decrease the risk of suicide among vulnerable populations. It is the leading cause of death in men among the ages of 20-44 and for women among the ages of 15 to 34.

In Japanese culture, suicide, in some circumstances, has long been viewed as an honorable way to die. Consider the kamikaze pilots during World War II, whose greatest honor was to dive-bomb a plane into an Allied warship and die in the process. The practice of military suicide has been going on since at least the time of the Samurai warlords and is one factor in Japan’s high suicide rate.

Japanese men are twice as likely to commit suicide as their female counterparts, particularly after a divorce. Of special concern is suicide among men who have recently lost their jobs and are no longer able to provide for their families. They may feel that they have dishonored themselves and their families and that suicide is the honorable way out of the situation. With a high cultural tolerance for suicide, many older adults end their lives after they retire. Aokigahara Forest, at the base of Japan’s Mount Fuji, is a hotspot for suicides, as hundreds of people go there each year to end their lives. Police regularly patrol the area for suicide victims and survivors.

Suicide in Sweden

Sweden has a very low suicide rate, but this rate can be misleading because it may not account for physician-assisted suicide, which is legal there. In 2012, Sweden only had 12 reported suicides per 100,000 people.

Historically, Sweden has had a high suicide rate, with the most suicides in the developed world during the 1960s. That may have been due, at least in part, to cultural attitudes regarding suicide and long, dark winters, particularly in the northern regions. The government responded to the crisis with social welfare and mental health services, and the numbers have dropped dramatically. Today, Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland – have very high rates of happiness and relatively low suicide rates. However, the dark winters – 20 hours of darkness or more in each day in some areas – causes seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression, which has been known to correlate with higher rates of suicide.

Euthanasia, or physician-assisted suicide, is still illegal in Sweden but is accepted in some instances. A physician may not administer lethal drugs to a terminally ill patient, but he or she may end life support of the patient requests doing so and demonstrates that he or she understands the consequences. This form of physician-assisted suicide, known as passive euthanasia, is not included in suicide statistics. Active euthanasia, in which a physician administers lethal drugs to a terminally ill patient with the consent of the patient and family, may become legal in Sweden within the next few years, as it is becoming more accepted in European countries.

Suicide in China

In China, suicide is the fifth leading cause of death and accounts for over one-quarter of suicides worldwide. In contrast with many Western countries, in which men are more likely to commit suicide, most suicide victims in China are women. China’s economic boom has led to greater independence for women, who are now much more able to get divorced as a means of dealing with domestic violence. However, the strain of divorce means that they must work long hours while raising their children, often without the support of family that the culture has traditionally relied on in the past.

When women are showing the strain of their stressful lives and are admitted to a hospital for psychiatric care, they are actually likely to be discharged must sooner than their male counterparts. They feel that they need to return to their jobs and families as quickly as possible, even if they are not yet ready to do so. Additionally, many insurances do not cover hospital stays in cases of attempted suicide. These strains have exacerbated suicide among Chinese women.

People in rural parts of China are as much as five times more likely to commit suicide than people in cities. This notion may be attributed to a lack of mental healthcare, the stigma associated with mental illnesses (such as schizophrenia), poverty, and poor education. However, exact statistics are hard to come by because few to no epidemiological studies on suicide have been carried out by the Chinese government.

Most suicide attempts in China are carried out with a pesticide or other poison.

Country Population Total Number Per Year Crude Suicide Rate Rank
Lithuania2,864,45991331.9 suicides per 100k1
Russia143,895,55144,60731 suicides per 100k2
Guyana786,50822929.2 suicides per 100k3
South Korea51,339,23813,81026.9 suicides per 100k4
Belarus9,433,8742,47126.2 suicides per 100k5
Suriname573,08513022.8 suicides per 100k6
Kazakhstan18,592,9704,18322.5 suicides per 100k7
Ukraine43,795,2209,81022.4 suicides per 100k8
Latvia1,911,10840521.2 suicides per 100k10
Lesotho2,292,68248621.2 suicides per 100k9
Belgium11,562,7842,39320.7 suicides per 100k11
Hungary9,655,3611,84419.1 suicides per 100k12
Slovenia2,081,90038718.6 suicides per 100k13
Japan126,854,74523,46818.5 suicides per 100k14
Uruguay3,482,15664018.4 suicides per 100k15
Estonia1,303,79823217.8 suicides per 100k16
France65,480,71011,59017.7 suicides per 100k17
Switzerland8,608,2591,48017.2 suicides per 100k18
Croatia4,140,14868316.5 suicides per 100k19
Equatorial Guinea1,360,10422316.4 suicides per 100k20
India1,368,737,513223,10416.3 suicides per 100k21
Poland38,028,2786,16016.2 suicides per 100k22
Moldova4,029,75064015.9 suicides per 100k24
Finland5,561,38988415.9 suicides per 100k23
Serbia8,733,4071,36215.6 suicides per 100k26
Austria8,766,2011,36715.6 suicides per 100k25
United States329,093,11050,35115.3 suicides per 100k27
Sweden10,053,1351,48714.8 suicides per 100k28
Sri Lanka21,018,8593,06814.6 suicides per 100k29
Thailand69,306,1609,98014.4 suicides per 100k31
Kiribati120,4281714.4 suicides per 100k30
Portugal10,254,6661,43514 suicides per 100k33
Iceland340,5664714 suicides per 100k32
Cuba11,492,0461,59713.9 suicides per 100k34
El Salvador6,445,40588313.7 suicides per 100k35
Trinidad And Tobago1,375,44318713.6 suicides per 100k37
Germany82,438,63911,21113.6 suicides per 100k36
Luxembourg596,9928013.5 suicides per 100k38
Australia25,088,6363,31113.2 suicides per 100k39
Mongolia3,166,24441113 suicides per 100k40
Slovakia5,450,98769712.8 suicides per 100k42
Denmark5,775,22473912.8 suicides per 100k41
Netherlands17,132,9082,15812.6 suicides per 100k43
Canada37,279,8114,65912.5 suicides per 100k44
Norway5,400,91665812.2 suicides per 100k48
Nicaragua6,351,15777412.2 suicides per 100k47
Cameroon25,312,9933,08812.2 suicides per 100k46
Bolivia11,379,8611,38812.2 suicides per 100k45
New Zealand4,792,40957912.1 suicides per 100k49
Haiti11,242,8561,31511.7 suicides per 100k50
South Africa58,065,0976,73511.6 suicides per 100k51
Ireland4,847,13955711.5 suicides per 100k53
Bulgaria6,988,73980311.5 suicides per 100k52
Bhutan826,2299411.4 suicides per 100k54
Cape Verde560,3496311.3 suicides per 100k55
Zimbabwe17,297,4951,85010.7 suicides per 100k56
Chile18,336,6531,94310.6 suicides per 100k57
Romania19,483,3602,02610.4 suicides per 100k58
Montenegro629,3556410.3 suicides per 100k59
Uganda45,711,8744,5259.9 suicides per 100k63
Singapore5,868,1045809.9 suicides per 100k62
Dominican Republic10,996,7741,0889.9 suicides per 100k61
Benin11,801,5951,1689.9 suicides per 100k60
Sierra Leone7,883,1237649.7 suicides per 100k65
China1,420,062,022137,7469.7 suicides per 100k64
Togo8,186,3847859.6 suicides per 100k66
Paraguay6,981,9816639.5 suicides per 100k68
Nigeria200,962,41719,0919.5 suicides per 100k67
Seychelles95,70289.3 suicides per 100k70
Botswana2,374,6362209.3 suicides per 100k69
Argentina45,101,7814,1499.2 suicides per 100k71
Burundi11,575,9641,0539.1 suicides per 100k72
Nepal29,942,0182,6348.8 suicides per 100k75
Chad15,814,3451,3918.8 suicides per 100k74
Bosnia And Herzegovina3,501,7743088.8 suicides per 100k73
Spain46,441,0494,0408.7 suicides per 100k77
Namibia2,641,9962298.7 suicides per 100k76
Laos7,064,2426078.6 suicides per 100k78
Yemen29,579,9862,5148.5 suicides per 100k79
Kyrgyzstan6,218,6165168.3 suicides per 100k80
Italy59,216,5254,8558.2 suicides per 100k82
Georgia3,904,2043208.2 suicides per 100k81
Sudan42,514,0943,4438.1 suicides per 100k83
Eritrea5,309,6594197.9 suicides per 100k85
Costa Rica4,999,3843947.9 suicides per 100k84
Saint Lucia180,454147.8 suicides per 100k88
Mauritius1,271,368997.8 suicides per 100k87
Myanmar54,336,1384,2387.8 suicides per 100k86
Burkina Faso20,321,5601,5647.7 suicides per 100k90
Central African Republic4,825,7113717.7 suicides per 100k89
Malta433,245327.5 suicides per 100k91
Uzbekistan32,807,3682,4277.4 suicides per 100k92
Turkey82,961,8056,0567.3 suicides per 100k94
Vietnam97,429,0617,1127.3 suicides per 100k93
Ethiopia110,135,6357,9297.2 suicides per 100k96
Colombia49,849,8183,5897.2 suicides per 100k95
Gabon2,109,0991497.1 suicides per 100k98
Ecuador17,100,4441,2147.1 suicides per 100k97
Liberia4,977,7203386.8 suicides per 100k100
Comoros850,910576.8 suicides per 100k99
Turkmenistan5,942,5613986.7 suicides per 100k103
Rwanda12,794,4128576.7 suicides per 100k102
Djibouti985,690666.7 suicides per 100k101
Qatar2,743,9011816.6 suicides per 100k105
Armenia2,936,7061936.6 suicides per 100k104
Brazil212,392,71713,8056.5 suicides per 100k106
Guinea13,398,1808446.3 suicides per 100k108
Albania2,938,4281856.3 suicides per 100k107
Zambia18,137,3691,1066.1 suicides per 100k109
Senegal16,743,8591,0046 suicides per 100k111
Papua New Guinea8,586,5255156 suicides per 100k110
Republic Of The Congo5,542,1973265.9 suicides per 100k114
Bangladesh168,065,9209,9155.9 suicides per 100k113
Bahrain1,637,896965.9 suicides per 100k112
Dr Congo86,727,5734,9435.7 suicides per 100k115
Malaysia32,454,4551,7845.5 suicides per 100k116
Tanzania60,913,5573,2895.4 suicides per 100k119
Israel8,583,9164635.4 suicides per 100k118
Ghana30,096,9701,6255.4 suicides per 100k117
Cyprus1,198,427635.3 suicides per 100k121
Cambodia16,482,6468735.3 suicides per 100k120
Libya6,569,8643415.2 suicides per 100k122
Mexico132,328,0356,7485.1 suicides per 100k124
Gambia2,228,0751135.1 suicides per 100k123
Greece11,124,6035565 suicides per 100k126
Fiji918,757455 suicides per 100k125
Peru32,933,8351,6134.9 suicides per 100k128
Mozambique31,408,8231,5394.9 suicides per 100k127
Mali19,689,1409454.8 suicides per 100k129
Somalia15,636,1717344.7 suicides per 100k134
Solomon Islands635,254294.7 suicides per 100k133
Belize390,231184.7 suicides per 100k132
Angola31,787,5661,4944.7 suicides per 100k131
Afghanistan37,209,0071,7484.7 suicides per 100k130
Timor Leste1,352,360624.6 suicides per 100k137
Niger23,176,6911,0664.6 suicides per 100k136
Brunei439,336204.6 suicides per 100k135
Vanuatu288,017124.5 suicides per 100k138
Samoa198,90984.4 suicides per 100k140
Mauritania4,661,1492054.4 suicides per 100k139
Panama4,226,1971814.3 suicides per 100k141
Iran82,820,7663,3954.1 suicides per 100k142
Egypt101,168,7454,0464 suicides per 100k144
Guinea Bissau1,953,723784 suicides per 100k143
Oman5,001,8751953.9 suicides per 100k146
Madagascar26,969,6421,0513.9 suicides per 100k145
Venezuela32,779,8681,2123.7 suicides per 100k149
South Sudan13,263,1844903.7 suicides per 100k148
Malawi19,718,7437293.7 suicides per 100k147
Tonga110,04133.5 suicides per 100k150
Tunisia11,783,1684003.4 suicides per 100k152
Indonesia269,536,4829,1643.4 suicides per 100k151
Lebanon6,065,9222003.3 suicides per 100k153
Saudi Arabia34,140,6621,0923.2 suicides per 100k157
Philippines108,106,3103,4593.2 suicides per 100k156
Kenya52,214,7911,6703.2 suicides per 100k155
Algeria42,679,0181,3653.2 suicides per 100k154
Iraq40,412,2991,2123 suicides per 100k158
Pakistan204,596,4425,9332.9 suicides per 100k162
Morocco36,635,1561,0622.9 suicides per 100k161
Jordan10,069,7942922.9 suicides per 100k160
Honduras9,568,6882772.9 suicides per 100k159
United Arab Emirates9,682,0882712.8 suicides per 100k163
Guatemala17,577,8424742.7 suicides per 100k164
Azerbaijan10,014,5752602.6 suicides per 100k165
Tajikistan9,292,0002322.5 suicides per 100k166
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines110,48822.4 suicides per 100k167
Sao Tome And Principe213,37942.3 suicides per 100k170
Maldives451,738102.3 suicides per 100k169
Kuwait4,248,974972.3 suicides per 100k168
Jamaica2,906,339632.2 suicides per 100k171
Syria18,499,1813511.9 suicides per 100k172
Grenada108,82511.7 suicides per 100k174
Bahamas403,09561.7 suicides per 100k173
Barbados287,01020.8 suicides per 100k175
Antigua And Barbuda104,0840.5 suicides per 100k176