Underdeveloped Countries

An underdeveloped country is defined as a nation that is not as developed economically as other nations. These countries are very poor, have very low per capita real income, poverty is widespread, and many residents live in very dire conditions. In these nations, very little money is spent on health care or education, and there is very little industrial activity when compared to more developed nations. The main occupation in most underdeveloped nations is agriculture.

In these nations, unemployment and underemployment are major problems. There is also a high rate of population growth within these countries. In underdeveloped countries, most residents live in rural areas.

There are a number of nations in the world that have been classified as underdeveloped. Those nations include:

Flag Name Area Population 2018 Growth Rate
Bangladesh147,570 km²166,368,1491.03%
Ethiopia1,104,300 km²107,534,8822.46%
Tanzania945,087 km²59,091,3923.11%
Myanmar676,578 km²53,855,7350.91%
Uganda241,550 km²44,270,5633.28%
Sudan1,886,068 km²41,511,5262.41%
Afghanistan652,230 km²36,373,1762.37%
Angola1,246,700 km²30,774,2053.32%
Mozambique801,590 km²30,528,6732.90%
Nepal147,181 km²29,624,0351.09%
Yemen527,968 km²28,915,2842.35%
Madagascar587,041 km²26,262,8102.71%
Niger1,267,000 km²22,311,3753.88%
Burkina Faso272,967 km²19,751,6512.91%
Malawi118,484 km²19,164,7282.91%
Mali1,240,192 km²19,107,7063.05%
Zambia752,612 km²17,609,1783.01%
Senegal196,722 km²16,294,2702.80%
Cambodia181,035 km²16,245,7291.50%
Chad1,284,000 km²15,353,1843.04%
Somalia637,657 km²15,181,9252.98%
Guinea245,857 km²13,052,6082.64%
South Sudan619,745 km²12,919,0532.73%
Rwanda26,338 km²12,501,1562.40%
Benin112,622 km²11,485,6742.77%
Burundi27,834 km²11,216,4503.24%
Haiti27,750 km²11,112,9451.20%
Togo56,785 km²7,990,9262.48%
Sierra Leone71,740 km²7,719,7292.15%
Eritrea117,600 km²5,187,9482.35%
Liberia111,369 km²4,853,5162.57%
Central African Republic622,984 km²4,737,4231.68%
Mauritania1,030,700 km²4,540,0682.71%
Lesotho30,355 km²2,263,0101.33%
Gambia10,689 km²2,163,7653.01%
Guinea Bissau36,125 km²1,907,2682.47%
Timor Leste14,874 km²1,324,0942.14%
Comoros1,862 km²832,3472.26%
Bhutan38,394 km²817,0541.17%
Solomon Islands28,896 km²623,2811.95%
Vanuatu12,189 km²282,1172.13%
Sao Tome And Principe964 km²208,8182.20%
Kiribati811 km²118,4141.73%
Tuvalu26 km²11,2870.85%