United Kingdom Population 2015

The last UK census was carried out in 2011, showing a population of 63,181,775, increased from 2001’s census figure of 58,789,194.

The current estimate for 2014 is 63.5 million, making the UK the world’s 22nd largest country by population. This estimate comes from the United Nations population projections.

2010 findings

Released in 2011, the ONS’s findings suggest that natural growth in the UK is at its highest level since the so called ‘baby boom’ years of the 1960’s. This natural change, the difference between the current birth rate and death rate was also reported to be responsible for over 52% of the UK population’s growth.

Net migration also played its part with a two-pronged contribution to the estimate’s findings. Not only were the UK’s migration figures growing, there was also a significant introduction of women born overseas who were of child-bearing age.

United Kingdom Population Density

In terms of density, based on the Office of National Statistics findings in 2010, there were 255 people living in every square kilometre of land (660 per square mile) which ranks the territory twelfth in the world overall.

As we’ve already seen, the confirmed figures from the 2001 Census showed that there were 58,789,194 people living in the UK and demographic analysis showed that of that figure, 92.1% of the population claimed to be of White British descent.

Britain as a whole is claimed for its ethnic diversity in some areas and therefore, that figure may seem larger than expected by some observers. Of the remainder of the UK population in 2011, 4% were of South Asian origin and 2% of black descent. Various other ethnic groups make up the final total.

United Kingdom Population Clock
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Last UN Estimate (July 1, 2015) [[getLastEstimate()]]
Births Per Day 10,621
Deaths Per Day 8,276
Net Migrations Per Day 2,466
Net Change Per Day 4,811
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  • Population estimated based on interpolation of World Population Prospects data.

United Kingdom Population Indicators
Indicator Value World Ranking
Median (Average) Age 40.5 years 26th
Crude Birth Rate 11.98 births/thousand 145th
Crude Death Rate 9.335 deaths/thousand 58th
Crude Net Migration Rate 2.781 people/thousand 22nd
Life Expectancy (Both Sexes) 81.24 years 24th
Life Expectancy (Male) 79.39 years 17th
Life Expectancy (Female) 83.05 years 31st
Total Fertility Rate 1.888 children/woman 130th
Net Reproduction Rate 0.912 surviving daughters/woman 128th
Sex Ratio At Birth 1.051 males per female 82nd
Infant Mortality Rate 3.616 deaths/1,000 live births 161st
Under Five Mortality 4.243 deaths/thousand 163rd
Mean Age at Childbearing 30.086 years 51st

Population Data via United Nations WPP

United Kingdom Population Growth

The increase in natural growth coupled with a further rise in net migration will see the UK population continuing to rise in the coming years.

Data Sources
  1. World Population Prospects - Global demographic estimates and projections by the United Nations