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On the eastern tip of the Indo-China peninsula in south east Asia, Vietnam is one of the larger and more densely populated countries in the region. Confirmed population figures are hard to obtain, but an estimate puts the Vietnam population in 2017 at 95.54 million, up from the 2012 estimate of 91.5 million and this figure would make the country the 14th most populous on the planet.

In comparison, Vietnam has a small surface area, and at 331,210 square kilometres (128,565 square miles), this is only the world’s 65th largest in terms of land mass alone.

Those two sets of figures would suggest a densely populated landscape and that is the case to an extent. For every square kilometre of land, there is an average of 280.6 people. That number converts to 723 per square mile and overall, this becomes the 46th most densely populated country on earth.

Vietnam Population History

In the absence of any confirmed figures from within the country itself, it is necessary to turn to UN estimates to gauge how the population of Vietnam has been developing over the years.

Back in 1950, the organisation claimed that there were 28,264,000 people living here and just five years later in 1955, those numbers had swelled significantly to 31,329,000.

Further consistent growth followed, even through the long years of the Vietnam War which you may have been forgiven for thinking would have had some form of impact on the population of Vietnam. In fact, growth continued at a similar level throughout the second half of the 1900’s and has continued further to the point where the Vietnam population of 2014 stands at just short of 93 million.

Vietnam Demographics

The CIA World Factbook has also produced some interesting figures in relation to life expectancy and these stand at relatively healthy levels. The organisation claims that in 2011, those figures stood at 71.33 years overall, which could be divided between males at 68.52 years and females at 74.33 years.

This is arguably one of the most diverse countries on earth when it comes to ethnicity splits and in fact, the Vietnamese government recognises no less than 54 ethnic groups within the country. The list is therefore far too numerous to replicate in full but the Kinh group are by far the most numerous and account for over 87% of the overall population of Vietnam.

Vietnam Population in 2018Source: Diego Delso

Population Data via United Nations WPP (2015 Revision, Medium Variant)

Vietnam Population Growth

For a country with such a turbulent past, Vietnam’s population statistics have been largely unremarkable throughout the country’s history. The next major milestone is 100 million inhabitants and it will be fascinating to see how long it takes for Vietnam to push through this landmark.

About Vietnam

Official NameSocialist Republic of Vietnam
Languages SpokenVietnamese
BordersKHM, CHN, LAO
Is LandlockedNo
Currencies UsedVND

Vietnam Population Density

Name Population
Ho Chi Minh City3,467,331
Da Nang752,493
Bien Hoa407,208
Nha Trang283,441
Can Tho259,598
Rach Gia228,356
Qui Nhon210,338
Vung Tau209,683
Da Lat197,000
Thanh Pho Nam Dinh193,499
Phan Thiet160,652
La Gi160,652
Long Xuyen158,153
Can Giuoc152,200
Bao Loc151,915
Thanh Pho Ha Long148,066
Buon Ma Thuot146,975
Cam Ranh146,771
Sa Pa138,622
Cam Pha Mines135,477
Thanh Pho Thai Nguyen133,877
My Tho122,310
Soc Trang114,453
Thanh Hoa112,473
Ca Mau111,894
Thanh pho Bac Lieu107,911
Yen Vinh107,082
Thanh Pho Hoa Binh105,260
Vinh Long103,314
Yen Bai96,540
Song Cau94,066
Viet Tri93,475
Phan Rang-Thap Cham91,520
Thu Dau Mot91,009
Cu Chi75,000
Mong Cai72,960
Cho Dok70,239
Tuy Hoa69,596
Tan An64,801
Thanh Pho Uong Bi63,829
Cao Lanh63,770
Ben Tre59,442
Tam Ky59,000
Thanh Pho Hai Duong58,030
Tra Vinh57,408
Thanh Pho Lang Son55,981
Can Gio55,137
Bim Son53,754
Bac Giang53,728
Thanh Pho Thai Binh53,071
Ha Dong50,877
Phu Khuong47,966
Kon Tum47,409
Bac Ninh43,564
Thanh Pho Cao Bang41,112
Son Tay40,636
Dien Bien Phu40,282
Hung Yen40,273
Ha Tien40,000
Thanh Pho Ninh Binh36,864
Lao Cai36,502
Tay Ninh36,456
Thanh Pho Tuyen Quang36,430
Quang Ngai32,992
Hoi An32,757
Thanh Pho Ha Giang32,690
Thanh Pho Phu Ly31,801
Kwang Binh31,040
Cat Ba30,000
Ha Tinh27,728
Vi Thanh24,477
Don Luan23,978
Son La19,054
Vinh Yen17,876
Bac Kan17,701
Dong Ha17,662
GJinh Van16,036
Duong GJong15,000
Binh Long15,000
Ap Tan Ngai8,887
Gia Nghia
Lai Chau
Thanh Pho Ba Ria

Vietnam Population Clock

What is the population of Vietnam (as of 12/12/2017)?95,979,040
Last UN Estimate (July 1, 2017)95,540,800
Births Per Day4,282
Deaths Per Day1,516
Net Migrations Per Day -110
Net Change Per Day 2,656
Population Change Since January 1st918,976

Vietnam Population Indicators

Crude Birth Rate 16.476 births/thousand
Crude Death Rate 5.83 deaths/thousand
Crude Net Migration Rate -0.421 people/thousand
Life Expectancy (Both Sexes) 76.36 years
Male Life Expectancy 71.658 years
Female Life Expectancy 80.966 years
Total Fertility Rate 1.949 children/woman
Net Reproduction Rate 0.902 surviving daughters/woman
Sex Ratio At Birth 1.102 males per female
Infant Mortality Rate 17.118 deaths/1,000 live births
Under Five Mortality 21.557 deaths/thousand
Mean Age at Childbearing 27.78 years
Rate of Natural Increase 10.646
Median Age (Total) 30.1 years
Median Age (Female) 31.2 years
Median Age (Male) 28.9 years

Vietnam Population History

Year Population % Male % Female Density (km²) Population Rank Growth Rate

Vietnam Population Projections

Year Population % Male % Female Density (km²) Population Rank Growth Rate
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