Wine Producing Countries 2019

Wine production, like any industry that takes place on a global scale, involves many different players. First and foremost, and inarguably the most important, you have the wine producing countries. Without countries that concoct wine, bottle it up, package the wine bottles, prepare the wine for shipment, distribute wine to other nations, and collect income from the wine they have produced and sold, there would be no wine industry to even talk about.

So, the countries that produce wine are the very essential. But in the same token, without countries that act as paying customers, the wine producing countries would have nowhere to outsource their product, and as a result, there would be little to no point in producing wine on such a large scale because there would be no source of income stemming from the production process. At the end of the day, the wine production business cannot flourish without customers, and customers would have nothing to purchase without the countries that are responsible for producing wine.

Before we zero in and focus more on the countries that produce wine, let’s point out every single country that plays a role in the wine business. Whether a country produces wine, consumes wine, or imports wine to further export it, the following nations contribute in some way to the sale of wine around the world...

As you can see, there are countries that produce, import, or export wine on nearly every continent on Earth. Some of these nations may surprise you, and that is probably because they are not wine producing countries, but rather, they consume wine on an annual basis. Speaking of wine producing countries, let’s direct our focus to the countries that have wine production processes in place and produce wine on a serious level.

The top twenty wine producing countries in order of their wine production on an annual basis are…

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • The United States of America
  • China
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Greece
  • Russia
  • New Zealand
  • Brazil
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Serbia
  • Moldova

To give you an idea of how the top twenty wine producing countries stack up against each other, here are the top twenty countries followed by their wine production in terms of tonnes of wine per year…

  • Italy, 4,796,600 tonnes
  • Spain, 4,607,850 tonnes
  • France, 4,293,466 tonnes
  • The United States of America, 3,300,000 tonnes
  • China, 1,700,000 tonnes
  • Argentina, 1,498,380 tonnes
  • Chile, 1,214,000 tonnes
  • Australia, 1,186,343 tonnes
  • South Africa, 1,146,006 tonnes
  • Germany, 920,200 tonnes
  • Portugal, 603,327 tonnes
  • Romania, 378,283 tonnes
  • Greece, 334,300 tonnes
  • Russia, 327,400 tonnes
  • New Zealand, 320,400 tonnes
  • Brazil, 273,100 tonnes
  • Hungary, 258,520 tonnes
  • Austria, 199,869 tonnes
  • Serbia, 198,183 tonnes
  • Moldova, 149,850 tonnes

These values are very interesting when you compare them to previous surveys and wine production rates that were taken a few years ago. In 2013, there were tens of thousands of tonnes of wine exported and distributed to countries around the world. These values only account for the volume of wine that was sent across borders for the sake of selling and consuming abroad, beyond the scope of the places where wine is actually produced.

Here is a list of the top ten countries that exported the most volume of wine, per tonne, in the year 2013…

  • Italy, exported 2,016 tones
  • Spain, exported 1,831 tonnes
  • France, exported 1,515 tonnes
  • Chile, exported 879 tonnes
  • Australia, exported 711 tonnes
  • South Africa, exported 605 tonnes
  • The United States of America, exported 414 tonnes
  • Germany, exported 400 tonnes
  • Argentina, exported 322 tonnes
  • Portugal, exported 306 tonnes

These ten countries with the highest rates of wine exportation in 2013 amassed a total of 10,316 tonnes of wine in exports during the course of one year. All of the countries that are involved in exporting wine to other parts of the world each hold a percentage of stock in the wine production industry. The market shares are calculated in terms of the US dollar, and the amount of stock that each country has in its name is listed in percentages.

  • France, 30% of total market value
  • Italy, 19% of total market value
  • Spain, 10% of total market value
  • Chile, 6% of total market value
  • Australia, 5% of total market value
  • The United States of America, 4% of total market value
  • Germany, 4% of total market value
  • New Zealand, 3% of total market value
  • Portugal, 3% of total market value
  • Argentina, 3% of total market value

Although we are focused on wine production across the globe, it's equally as interesting and relevant to take a look at the rates of consumption around the world. Wine is a hot commodity, hence its prevalence in the world of trade. While many of the countries known to produce wine are also very prominently regarded as places where the most wine is consumed, there are many countries that do not produce wine but purchase it from other countries and have it imported every year.

Here are the top ten countries on the list of countries that consume the most wine...

  • France, 8.14 liters of wine per capita
  • Portugal, 6.65 liters of wine per capita
  • Italy, 6.38 liters of wine per capita
  • Croatia, 5.80 liters of wine per capita
  • Andorra, 5.69 liters of wine per capita
  • Switzerland, 5.10 liters of wine per capita
  • Slovenia, 5.10 liters of wine per capita
  • Hungary, 4.94 liters of wine per capita
  • Moldova, 4.67 liters of wine per capita
  • Argentina, 4.62 liters of wine per capita
Rank Flag Name Population 2019 Area Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Growth Rate Region Subregion
1China1,433,783,6869,706,961 km²3,746,887 mi²6.54%0.43%AsiaEastern Asia
2United States329,064,9179,372,610 km²3,617,827 mi²6.31%0.60%AmericasNorthern America
3Brazil211,049,5278,515,767 km²3,287,086 mi²5.74%0.75%AmericasSouth America
4Russia145,872,25617,098,242 km²6,599,921 mi²11.52%0.09%EuropeEastern Europe
5Mexico127,575,5291,964,375 km²758,249 mi²1.32%1.10%AmericasCentral America
6Japan126,860,301377,930 km²145,881 mi²0.25%-0.27%AsiaEastern Asia
7Ethiopia112,078,7301,104,300 km²426,260 mi²0.74%2.61%AfricaEastern Africa
8Egypt100,388,0731,002,450 km²386,946 mi²0.68%2.00%AfricaNorthern Africa
9Germany83,517,045357,114 km²137,846 mi²0.24%0.47%EuropeWestern Europe
10Turkey83,429,615783,562 km²302,455 mi²0.53%1.32%AsiaWestern Asia
11France65,129,728551,695 km²212,954 mi²0.37%0.21%EuropeWestern Europe
12Italy60,550,075301,336 km²116,316 mi²0.20%-0.13%EuropeSouthern Europe
13South Africa58,558,2701,221,037 km²471,320 mi²0.82%1.33%AfricaSouthern Africa
14Colombia50,339,4431,141,748 km²440,715 mi²0.77%1.37%AmericasSouth America
15Spain46,736,776505,992 km²195,313 mi²0.34%0.09%EuropeSouthern Europe
16Argentina44,780,6772,780,400 km²1,073,234 mi²1.87%0.95%AmericasSouth America
17Ukraine43,993,638603,500 km²232,951 mi²0.41%-0.57%EuropeEastern Europe
18Algeria43,053,0542,381,741 km²919,352 mi²1.60%1.95%AfricaNorthern Africa
19Poland37,887,768312,679 km²120,694 mi²0.21%-0.09%EuropeEastern Europe
20Canada37,411,0479,984,670 km²3,854,083 mi²6.73%0.91%AmericasNorthern America
21Morocco36,471,769446,550 km²172,368 mi²0.30%1.23%AfricaNorthern Africa
22Uzbekistan32,981,716447,400 km²172,696 mi²0.30%1.56%AsiaCentral Asia
23Peru32,510,4531,285,216 km²496,093 mi²0.87%1.63%AmericasSouth America
24Madagascar26,969,307587,041 km²226,598 mi²0.40%2.69%AfricaEastern Africa
25Australia25,203,1987,692,024 km²2,969,121 mi²5.18%1.23%OceaniaAustralia and New Zealand
26Romania19,364,557238,391 km²92,019 mi²0.16%-0.73%EuropeEastern Europe
27Chile18,952,038756,102 km²291,855 mi²0.51%1.19%AmericasSouth America
28Kazakhstan18,551,4272,724,900 km²1,051,811 mi²1.84%1.27%AsiaCentral Asia
29Syria17,070,135185,180 km²71,479 mi²0.12%0.74%AsiaWestern Asia
30Zimbabwe14,645,468390,757 km²150,832 mi²0.26%1.43%AfricaEastern Africa
31Tunisia11,694,719163,610 km²63,153 mi²0.11%1.12%AfricaNorthern Africa
32Belgium11,539,32830,528 km²11,784 mi²< 0.1%0.50%EuropeWestern Europe
33Bolivia11,513,1001,098,581 km²424,052 mi²0.74%1.41%AmericasSouth America
34Cuba11,333,483109,884 km²42,415 mi²< 0.1%-0.04%AmericasCaribbean
35Greece10,473,455131,990 km²50,948 mi²< 0.1%-0.46%EuropeSouthern Europe
36Portugal10,226,18792,090 km²35,547 mi²< 0.1%-0.29%EuropeSouthern Europe
37Jordan10,101,69489,342 km²34,486 mi²< 0.1%1.37%AsiaWestern Asia
38Azerbaijan10,047,71886,600 km²33,428 mi²< 0.1%0.99%AsiaWestern Asia
39Hungary9,684,67993,028 km²35,909 mi²< 0.1%-0.24%EuropeEastern Europe
40Belarus9,452,411207,600 km²80,134 mi²0.14%-0.00%EuropeEastern Europe
41Tajikistan9,321,018143,100 km²55,237 mi²< 0.1%2.42%AsiaCentral Asia
42Austria8,955,10283,871 km²32,374 mi²< 0.1%0.72%EuropeWestern Europe
43Serbia8,772,23588,361 km²34,107 mi²< 0.1%-0.35%EuropeSouthern Europe
44Switzerland8,591,36541,284 km²15,936 mi²< 0.1%0.77%EuropeWestern Europe
45Israel8,519,37720,770 km²8,017 mi²< 0.1%1.64%AsiaWestern Asia
46Paraguay7,044,636406,752 km²157,006 mi²0.27%1.27%AmericasSouth America
47Bulgaria7,000,119110,879 km²42,799 mi²< 0.1%-0.73%EuropeEastern Europe
48Lebanon6,855,71310,452 km²4,034 mi²< 0.1%-0.05%AsiaWestern Asia
49Kyrgyzstan6,415,850199,951 km²77,181 mi²0.13%1.77%AsiaCentral Asia
50Turkmenistan5,942,089488,100 km²188,407 mi²0.33%1.56%AsiaCentral Asia
51Slovakia5,457,01349,037 km²18,928 mi²< 0.1%0.07%EuropeEastern Europe
52New Zealand4,783,063270,467 km²104,400 mi²0.18%0.84%OceaniaAustralia and New Zealand
53Panama4,246,43975,417 km²29,111 mi²< 0.1%1.67%AmericasCentral America
54Croatia4,130,30456,594 km²21,845 mi²< 0.1%-0.63%EuropeSouthern Europe
55Moldova4,043,26333,846 km²13,065 mi²< 0.1%-0.21%EuropeEastern Europe
56Georgia3,996,76569,700 km²26,904 mi²< 0.1%-0.15%AsiaWestern Asia
57Uruguay3,461,734181,034 km²69,879 mi²0.12%0.36%AmericasSouth America
58Bosnia And Herzegovina3,301,00051,209 km²19,767 mi²< 0.1%-0.69%EuropeSouthern Europe
59Armenia2,957,73129,743 km²11,481 mi²< 0.1%0.20%AsiaWestern Asia
60Albania2,880,91728,748 km²11,097 mi²< 0.1%-0.06%EuropeSouthern Europe
61Lithuania2,759,62765,300 km²25,206 mi²< 0.1%-1.49%EuropeNorthern Europe
62Slovenia2,078,65420,273 km²7,825 mi²< 0.1%0.04%EuropeSouthern Europe
63Latvia1,906,74364,559 km²24,920 mi²< 0.1%-1.13%EuropeNorthern Europe
64Estonia1,325,64845,227 km²17,458 mi²< 0.1%0.21%EuropeNorthern Europe
65Cyprus1,198,5759,251 km²3,571 mi²< 0.1%0.78%EuropeEastern Europe
66Reunion888,9272,511 km²969 mi²< 0.1%0.73%AfricaEastern Africa
67Montenegro627,98713,812 km²5,331 mi²< 0.1%0.03%EuropeSouthern Europe
68Luxembourg615,7292,586 km²998 mi²< 0.1%1.90%EuropeWestern Europe
69Malta440,372316 km²122 mi²< 0.1%0.26%EuropeSouthern Europe
70Liechtenstein38,019160 km²62 mi²< 0.1%0.29%EuropeWestern Europe