Morocco Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The flag of Morocco, like many other national flags, features a simple design. However, don’t let the design fool you, as this flag carries great significance for the people of Morocco. The color red which is prominent in the flag has historical significance to the nation, dating back to the Alaouite dynasty. Many of the old flags in the country’s history were red in color. The colors of the flag are used to represent various traits, while the pentagram in the center symbolizes the seal of Solomon and the pillars of Islam.

Colors of the Flag

There are three colors that make up the Moroccan flag. The field is red and is the predominant color. In addition to being significant throughout Morocco’s history, the color also symbolizes strength, valor, bravery and hardiness. The color green is used for the five-pointed pentagram. The color green symbolizes love, wisdom, peace, joy and hope. It is also the color of Islam. The pentagram is outlined in black – the third color of the flag.

History of the Flag

Morocco’s earliest flags during the 17th century were just red flags with no true design. The pentagram that is on the modern flag was added in 1915 during the reign of Mulay Yusef. When France and Spain controlled Morocco, the flag was allowed to be used on land but was prohibited for use on the use. When the country again gained independence in the 1950s, the flag that is still in use today was restored as the national flag.

Flag Facts

The flag design used today was adopted on November 17, 1915.

One of the largest flags ever draped was set in Dakhla. The flag was over 650,000 square feet and weighed 22 tons.

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