Colorado Population 2016

The most recent country-wide census within the USA took place in 2010 so if you’re looking to discuss the population of Colorado, bear in mind that the latest absolutely official figures originate from this date.

In that census, final numbers were declared at 5,029,196, a significant rise of 16.9% from the 2000 census survey, when 4,301,262 residents were shown to be living here.

Updated estimates arrive on a yearly basis and, in 2011, it was reported that the numbers in Colorado had increased to 5,116,796, a further rise of nearly 100,000 on 2010. It’s therefore fairly reasonable to suggest that the population of Colorado in 2012 is likely to be approaching 5.2 million.

Colorado Population 2014

Based on the growth rate of 1.56% per year, which makes Colorado the 5th fastest growing state, the 2013 population of Colorado is around 5,268,636.

Colorado’s Population History

Historically, Colorado’s location in the middle of the USA made it a popular route for those travelling through the new world. Many liked the state so much that they chose to stay here and the evidence of that is clear from the very early censuses.

Back in 1860, the Colorado population was declared at 34,277 and ten years later there had been just a modest rise of 16.3% to 39,864. However, by 1880 that figure had almost quadrupled and the census from that year reveals a total population of 194,327 – 387.5% up from the 1870 numbers.

Although that was by far the biggest increase in decade on decade terms, further significant rises followed and by the beginning of the 20th century, Colorado’s numbers had grown to 539,700. In the latter half of the 1900’s, rises in the region of 30% from Census to Census have taken the population of Colorado in 2012 to beyond the 5 million mark.

Colorado Population Density

With a large surface area of 104,094 square miles (269,837 square kilometres) Colorado is the eighth largest state in the USA but is relatively sparsely populated. Some of the terrain here is harsh and in particular, the vast Rocky Mountain range accounts for a significant proportion of the state’s land mass.

As a result, there are 49.3 people per square mile (19 per square kilometre) here and that makes Colorado only the 37th biggest state in terms of population density alone.

Colorado Demographics

From the 2010 census, the total Colorado Population of 5,029,196 can be divided as follows:

81.3% declared themselves to be White (70.0% Non-Hispanic White), 4.0% were Black or African American, 1.1% American Indian and Alaska Native, while 2.8% were Asian. The remainder were split between other minority groups.

Colorado Population Projections

Like most states across the USA, the population of Colorado is growing but the growth here is quite significant. Increases between censuses of 30% are not uncommon and if that trend continues, the numbers could comfortably exceed 6 million at the nest census in 2020. Most likely, though, is an increase in the 15% range, which would mean that we’d have to wait until mid-way through the third decade of the century before hitting the magic 6 million number.

Population Data via US Census