Connecticut Population 2016

With the last US Census being carried out in 2010, the Connecticut population in 2012 can only be estimated. However, if we look back at natural growth figures for the past few years, we can make some fairly accurate predictions.

For the last confirmed set of figures we have to go back to that 2010 Census which revealed that Connecticut has a total population of 3,574,097. A 2011 census bureau estimate took that figure to 3,580,709 which would make this the 29th largest state in the United States in terms of sheer numbers.

Taking that forward a further year, into 2012, it's likely that the population of Connecticut won't increase by more than another 5,000 or so, taking us to a figure of around 3,586,000.

Connecticut Population 2014

Connecticut's population in 2013 is estimated at 3,598,500. It is one of the slower growing states in terms of population, at just 0.23% per year.

Connecticut Population History

Because of its location on the east coast of America, many of the early settlers would have set up home in Connecticut – something that is clear from the early population figures.

Way back in 1790, the population of Connecticut was recorded as 237,946, a population which dwarfed many other states at the time, where the total population barely exceed a few thousand in many cases.

From this point, the population within the state grew but at a slower rate than in many other parts of the country. By 1800, the numbers had grown by just 5.5% to 251,002 and similar rises were recorded throughout the first half of the 19th century.

In the second period of the 1800’s however, numbers were on the rise by significant margins and increases of 20% on a census by census basis were common. By 1900, the Connecticut population exceeded one million for the very first time.

Since then the state's population has continued to grow at a fairly steady rate, to the 3.5 million of today.

In 2005, natural growth figures were released and they showed that in the five years since the previous census in 2000, there was an increase in numbers of 67,427. This was calculated based on 222,222 births in the five year period minus 154,795 deaths and a net migration figure of 41,718.

Connecticut Population Density

The population density of Connecticut makes for some very interesting reading. There is a very small land mass here – just 5,543 square miles (14,357 square kilometres) making this only the 48th largest state in the Union.

However, Connecticut crams a significant number of citizens into every inch of its land. The terrain is very flat and very few areas of the state are inhospitable to habitation. As a result, there is an impressive 739 people for every square mile (285 per square kilometre) and this takes Connecticut up to 4th place in the country in terms of population density.

Population Data via US Census