Public School Rankings By State 2020

Finding the best public school is a priority for many families. A good education is important to these families, who may even choose where they purchase or rent housing in order to make sure their children are in the best school systems.

While there is no comprehensive way to measure what public schools are the best in the nation, there are a few surveys that look at data including high school graduation rates and college readiness to determine which states have the best schools. This includes the Best States rankings by US News & World Report.

This publication looks at several factors to determine which states are the best in the U.S. This includes college readiness, high school graduation rate, national math and reading scores, and preschool enrollment.

Based on the latest data, Massachusetts was found to have the best public schools in America. The state was ranked first in math and reading scores and within the top 10 for college readiness and preschool enrollment. The state did, however, just rank 13th in terms of high school graduation rates.

Second on this list is New Jersey. New Jersey came in second for high school graduation rate, reading scores, and high school enrollment. It was ranked in the top 10 for college readiness and math scores.

In third place is New Hampshire. This state came in top for college readiness and was in the top 10 for graduation rates, math scores, and reading scores.

The top 10 states in terms of the best public schools based on this list are:

This isn’t the only study that has evaluated the public school systems of the nation. WalletHub conducted its own study, which looked at factors including high school dropout rates, SAT scores, and ACT scores. Based on this study, Massachusetts again took the top spot because of quality and safety. Other top states on WalletHub’s list include New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Virginia – all of which were in the top 10 of U.S. News & World Report’s study.