Wyoming Population 2016

The state of Wyoming is located in the central north western sector of the USA but while it is the 10th largest in terms of surface area, it has the lowest recorded population of any state in the Union. It is also the second most sparsely populated so how do those remarkable figures measure up in 2013? Wyoming's population is currently estimated at 582,913, up slightly from the 2010 Census. It's currently enjoying a healthy growth rate of 1.13%, which ranks 15th.

Wyoming Population 2014

The population of Wyoming in 2013 can only be estimated at present because the last official census in the country took place in 2010. It’s necessary therefore to take those figures and attempt to project them forward to the present day.

The 2010 census revealed that there were 563,626 people here and that meant an increase of over 14% on the numbers declared at the Census of 2000. An updated estimate of the state's population shows 582,913 residents in 2013. That means Wyoming still ranks 50th in terms of numbers.

This is a very sparsely populated state too and with an average of just 5.85 people for every square mile, only one other state in the entire US – Alaska – can boast a less dense population.

As of 2005, almost 51% of Wyomingites lived in one of the 13 largest municipalities of the state. The largest city, Cheyenne, has a population of just 60,000, followed by Casper (56,000) and Laramie (31,000).

Wyoming Demographics

According to the 2010 Census, the racial composition of the state was:

  • 90.7% White
  • 0.8% Black or African American
  • 2.4% American Indian and Alaska Native
  • 0.8% Asian American
  • 0.1% Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander
  • 2.2% two or more races
  • 3.0% some other race
  • 8.9% Hispanic or Latino origin of any race

Wyoming's largest ancestry groups include: German (26%), English (15%), Irish (13.3%), American (6.5%), Norwegian (4.3%) and Swedish (3.5%).

Wyoming Population History

Back in 1870, the population of Wyoming stood at just 9,118 but significant increases were to follow for the latter half of that century. Just ten years later in 1880, a rise of over 100% had taken the figure to 20,789 and a further 200% increase saw the population in 1890 rise to 62,555.

From that point onwards right up until the present day, the overall percentage increases have slowed down although generally speaking, the picture has been one of sustained, if unspectacular, growth. There was an anomaly in 1990 however when the Census of that year revealed a fall in numbers of 3.4% on those declared ten years earlier.

Further rises were to follow however and that has continued to the present day where the population of Wyoming in 2013 is likely to be in excess of 580,000.

Wyoming Population Projections

The fact that there was a fall in the population of Wyoming as recently as 1990 makes it a little difficult to predict numbers moving forward. However, recent censuses have indicated a return to sustained, if modest growth and therefore, by the time of the next census in 2020, numbers here should have comfortably exceeded the next milestone of 600,000.

Wyoming is currently enjoying one of the highest growth rates in the country, in part fueled by natural gas jobs in the area and an unemployment rate well below the country's average. Its growth over the last few decades has been in largely rural counties where natural gas exploration has taken off.

Given its healthy economic environment, open space and high growth rate, its population is expected to pass 620,000 in 2020 and reach 644,000 by 2025.

Population Data via US Census