Middlesbrough Population 2018

Middlesbrough is a town located in the county of North Yorkshire in the North East region in England. Middlesbrough has a population of 138,400. The town is part of Teesside, which has a population of over 376,000. The city’s population makes it the largest town in North East England. The larger urban settlement is the largest within North Yorkshire.

Breaking down the population of Middlesbrough shows that over 88% of the population is White British. The population consists of 6.4% Asian residents and 1% Black residents. There are many different religions observed throughout Middlesbrough, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism. There is a higher concentration of female inhabitants than male. Over 90% of Middlesbrough’s population was born in England. Other countries of origin include Pakistan, Scotland, India and China – just to name a few. Over 94% of inhabitants speak English, while there are smaller groups that speak Panjabi, Arabic, Urdu, and Polish. Throughout the years, Middlesbrough has seen a declining population. The population is expected to decrease in Middlesbrough according to projections, dropping to just over 135,000 by the year 2021.