St Andrews Population 2019

St. Andrews is a town located in Scotland. It is located in the Fife council area. The city has a population of 16,800.

Notes of Interest in St. Andrews

St. Andrews is most known for being the home of the University of St. Andrews, which is the oldest university in the country and one of the oldest in the world. It is also one of the United Kingdom’s top schools. Students that attend this population make up roughly one-third of the population of St. Andrews.

In addition to its university, St. Andrews has also been a popular destination for golfers, as it is the site of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, which was founded in the 1700s and has been a venue for the Open Championship.

St. Andrews Population Demographics

Breaking down the population by age shows that 37% of the residents in St. Andrews are between the ages of 16 to 29, which isn’t surprising considering the large number of students. Over 87% of the population were born in the United Kingdom. There are also residents that were born in Ireland, other countries in the European Union, and outside of Europe.

The unemployment rate is below 2%, which falls below the average of Fife and Scotland. Because of its leading golf courses, university, beautiful beaches and rich history, this city will continue to see slow but steady growth of its population.

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