Unown Alphabet

What is the Unown Alphabet?

The Unown alphabet is an alphabet used in the Pokemon universe. This comes from the Unown Pokemon, which are flat and thin-shaped letter-like pocket monsters with eyes and appendages. The Pokemon is entirely black, except for the whiteness in its eyes and sclera. Unown takes 26 different forms, which closely resemble the letters of the Latin alphabet. There are also 2 different forms of punctuation, including the exclamation mark and the question mark, which have forms of the Unown.

Although they are loosely based on the Latin alphabet, they are said to resemble ancient hieroglyphs and ancient writing within the Pokemon universe. There is a canonic mystery of whether the Unown Pokemon pre-dates or post-dates most written languages, which means that there is some obscurity about which one came before the other, creating a similar situation to the popular chicken/egg scenario.

History of the Unown Alphabet

The history of the alphabet can be found in the sage words of Professor Oak and the Pokedex. The research done canonically disagrees with whether the Unown Pokemon communicate using electromagnetic waves or telepathy. This is an ironic realization, as the symbols that are said to resemble ancient written languages are not able to communicate with one another through their shapes and forms. This is known because the Unown sounds are detected and interpreted by the pokegear radio - and the sounds are similar to the melodic tunes of the Azure flute. The Unown has an unknown connection to Arceus, which is one of the most prominent Pokemon that was present during the creation of the Pokemon world.

It is said that an odd power emerges when more than one of the Unown Pokemon collaborates in a shared group. In large packs, Unown distorts reality to suit the dreams, hopes, and wishes of whoever is currently in control of Pokemon. They are one of the few Pokemon that can resist the power of the Pokeball, which is one of the few ways that Pokemon trainers can capture and train their future roster. The Unown is extremely rare. They live within their dimension and they rarely venture outside. When the Unown move into the Pokemon world, they stick to walls and glyphs or orbit one another. This means that the Unown have a strong connection to one another and ancient literature.

Uses of the Unown Alphabet in the Pokemon Universe

Unown has been used canonically in the Pokemon universe to create illusions that drive the plot of such titles as Spell of the Unown: Entei. In the Japanese version of the movie, notes about the Unown are presented and viewed on Professor Oak's computer and can be transcribed. Some of the characteristics of the Unown are very timid and do not wish to leave their external world, at least not in single pairs. The Unown can perceive the feelings of other creatures and human beings. The Unown communicates via electromagnetic waves, and not using telepathy.