What Percentage Of The Population Is Transgender

Transgender is a term that is used to describe people whose gender identity does not match with the sex they were born with. In other words, a transgendered person may have been born as a male but identifies as a female or vice versa.

Calculating the percentage of the population of people that are transgender is difficult, since surveys that respondents voluntarily take are the only way to collect this data.

In the United States, approximately 0.58% of the adult population identifies as being transgendered, according to data from 2016. When breaking down the transgender population by state, the District of Columbia has the highest percentage at 2.77%. All states in the United States have transgendered adults accounting for less than 1% of the adult population.

There are other nations where being transgendered is recognized, but there is very little data as to how many transgender people there are in these nations. Some nations, such as India, recognize transgender as a third gender. However, there are other nations that are not so open to this idea. In 36 countries in Europe, a mental health diagnosis is required before a transgender person is legally recognized as such. There are 20 countries in Europe that even require sterilization of transgender people.