List of Country Capitals in Asia

Asia is both the most populated and largest continent. The continent of Asia has 50 countries spread across 17.2 million m² and boasts a population of over 4.4 billion people, almost 60% of the world’s population.

The capitals of Asia are diverse in their culture and standard of living. Capitals in the Far East have exotic capitals, while other countries have more urban capitals similar to Western countries.

China, one of the world’s most populous countries, has the world’s most populous capital city. Beijing has a population estimated at 21.7 million people. Beijing, however, is not China’s most populous city. Shanghai is China’s largest city with 24.1 million people and Guangzhou is China’s largest metropolitan with a total of 44.5 million people.

The second largest capital city in Asia is New Delhi with an estimated population of 18.6 million people. Like China, the capital of India is not the country’s most populous city. Mumbai is India’s most populous city with a population of 22 million people.

The least populous capital city in Asia is Ramallah in Palestine with a population of 27,092.

Many countries are experiencing urbanization of their rural areas, which will lead to about 66% of the population living in an urban setting by 2050. The increased population, or even overpopulation, of these cities can lead to several problems such as traffic, air and sound pollution, and a lack of social amenities.

All capital cities have their importance to each country in one way or another. Capital cities are often home to parliament, the highest courts of justice, and all important leaders of the nation.

Below is a list of countries in Asia and their capital cities.