List of Country Capitals in Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent and the third most populous continent. Europe is approximately 3.93 million mi² and has a total population of over 741 million people.

Europe has a total of 44 countries.

Vatican City is both a country and a capital city. Vatican City is the smallest capital in Europe, covering 109 acres and home to approximately 1,000 people. The only people allowed to live in Vatican City are the Roman Catholic clergy and the police force. Roughly 2,400 people work in the Vatican City and commute from Italy every day.

The largest capital city in Europe is Moscow, the capital of Russia. Moscow has a population of 12.4 million people. Moscow is one of the northernmost and coldest cities in the world. The city serves as the economic, political, cultural, and scientific hub for Russia, attracting its large population.

The Netherlands has two capital cities: Amsterdam and Den Haag (The Hague). Amsterdam is the official capital, but Den Haag is the seat of the Dutch government and home to the Dutch supreme court, parliament, and monarch. Amsterdam has a population of approximately 863,000 people and Den Haag has a population of approximately 540,000 people.

Other capital cities in Europe tend to be among those with the highest populations. Paris is home to 10.9 million people; London has 9 million; Madrid has 6.5 million; Rome has 4.2 million; Berlin has 3.6 million, and Athens has 3.2 million.

Below is a table of each European country’s capital city.