How Old is Armenia?

Armenia is an extremely old country with a rich background, dating back to the 6th century BC. Armenia, as it is known today, seceded from the Soviet Union in 1991, making Armenia as old as 2700 years, or as young as 31 years. Below are the most important facts about the country:

Languages and Locations

Capital and largest city: Yerevan. Coordinates: 40°11′N 44°31′ECoordinates: 40°11′N 44°31′E

Official languages Armenian

Ethnic groups:

  • 98.1% Armenians
  • 1.2% Yazidis
  • 0.4% Russians
  • 0.3% other

Religion: Christianity (Armenian Apostolic Church)

Demonym(s): Armenian

Government Stats

Government: Unitary parliamentary republic

• President: Vahagn Khachaturyan

• Prime Minister: Nikol Pashinyan

• President of the National Assembly: Alen Simonyan

Legislature: National Assembly Establishment

Dynasties Over the Years

• Orontid dynasty: 6th century BC

• Kingdom of Armenia: 321 BC–428 AD

• Artaxiad dynasty: 190 BC

• Arsacid dynasty: 52–428

• Bagratid Armenia: 885–1045

• Kingdom of Cilicia: 1198–1375

• Republic of Armenia: 28 May 1918

• Soviet conquest: 29 November 1920

• Independence restored: 23 September 1991

• CIS Accession: 21 December 1991

• Admitted to the United Nations: 2 March 1992

• Current constitution: 5 July 1995

Basic Stats

• Total Area 29,743 km2 (11,484 sq mi) (138th)

• Water (%) 4.71

• Population (Q1 2021 estimate): Neutral decrease 2,963,900 (137th)

• 2011 census: Neutral decrease 3,018,854

• Density: 101.5/km2 (262.9/sq mi) (99th)

• GDP (PPP) 2021 EstimateT otal: $43.550 billion

• Per capita (GDP (nominal) 2021 estimate): $14,701

• Total: $13.612 billion (127th)

• Per capita: $4,595 (104th)

• Gini (2019): Positive decrease 29.9

• HDI (2019) Increase 0.776. High · 81st

• Currency Dram (֏) (AMD)

• Time zone UTC+4 (AMT)

• Date format dd/mm/yyyy

• Driving side right

• Calling code +374

• ISO 3166 code AM

• Internet TLD: .am, .հայ

• Website:

The Current State of Armenia

Armenia has a rich history, dating back to the Orontid dynasty in the 6th century BC. As with most countries in the caucus and eastern bloc, much of their modern state reflects their political affairs after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Kingdom of Armenia was founded between 321BC and 428 AD and was an important trading partner between Asia, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe for hundreds of years. It wasn't until 1918 that the Republic of Armenia was created, distancing itself from the traditional monarchal rule that shifted greatly with the introduction of the First World War.

Not long afterward, the Soviet conquest of Armenia occurred in 1920, as a shifting political regime in Russia changed from Imperialist rule and embraced the early foundation of socialism and communism. After 1991, their independence was officially recognized. However, the constitution was not drafted until 1995, when civil hostilities died down between warring groups that were vying for control. Currently, Armenia faces many hardships during its switch to a modern market economy. They are a developing nation that is still plagued with strife and war. The Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict of 2020 erupted into a full-scale war of ideology, whereas the Azerbaijan militant was backed by the Russian government to fight over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Date of Initial Sovereignty
Years Since Initial Sovereignty

How Old is Armenia?

How old is Armenia?

The country of Armenia is 1143 years old, founded in the year 880.

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