Largest Countries in the Americas by Area 2019

What are the largest countries in the world? Here is a list of the top ten largest countries by area in square miles:

  1. Russia (6,599,921 square miles)
  2. Canada (3,854,083 square miles)
  3. China (3,746,887 square miles)
  4. United States (3,617,827 square miles)
  5. Brazil (3,287,086 square miles)
  6. Australia (2,969,121 square miles)
  7. India (1,269,010 square miles)
  8. Argentina (1,073,234 square miles)
  9. Kazakhstan (1,051,811 square miles)
  10. Algeria (919,352 square miles)

Not surprisingly, the largest country in the world by area is Russia, spanning a huge 17,098,242 km² across Eastern Europe and Asia. This is followed by Canada (9,984,670 km²) and China (9,706,961 km²), both much smaller although still very large, while the United States and Brazil complete the top five at 9,372,610 km² and 8,515,767 km² respectively, putting a total of three countries in the Americas in the world's top five largest.

The largest country by landmass in Asia is India, at 3,287,590 km², while the smallest is Macau, an autonomous region on the south coast of China that is just 30 km². Africa's largest country is Algeria (2,381,741 km²) and its smallest is the Indian Ocean archipelago of Mayotte (374 km²). While Russia is on the European land mass, France is Western Europe's largest country at 551,695 km²; however, it only just makes it into the top fifty, so it is comparatively quite small.

The smallest countries in the world are predominantly in Europe, Oceania and the Americas, and many are island nations, some of which are constituent territories of other countries. Vatican City is the smallest in the world at a tiny 0.44 km², followed by Monaco at 2.02 km² and Gibraltar at 6 km². They are followed by Tokelau (12 km²) and Nauru (21 km²), both in the Oceania region. The smallest country in the Americas are the Caribbean islands of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, at 34 and 53 km², respectively.

Rank Name Area (km²) Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Region Subregion
1Canada9,984,6703,854,0836.73%AmericasNorthern America
2United States9,372,6103,617,8276.31%AmericasNorthern America
3Brazil8,515,7673,287,0865.74%AmericasSouth America
4Argentina2,780,4001,073,2341.87%AmericasSouth America
5Greenland2,166,086836,1091.46%AmericasNorthern America
6Mexico1,964,375758,2491.32%AmericasCentral America
7Peru1,285,216496,0930.87%AmericasSouth America
8Colombia1,141,748440,7150.77%AmericasSouth America
9Bolivia1,098,581424,0520.74%AmericasSouth America
10Venezuela916,445353,7480.62%AmericasSouth America
11Chile756,102291,8550.51%AmericasSouth America
12Paraguay406,752157,0060.27%AmericasSouth America
13Ecuador276,841106,8610.19%AmericasSouth America
14Guyana214,96982,9780.14%AmericasSouth America
15Uruguay181,03469,8790.12%AmericasSouth America
16Suriname163,82063,2350.11%AmericasSouth America
17Nicaragua130,37350,324< 0.1%AmericasCentral America
18Honduras112,49243,422< 0.1%AmericasCentral America
19Cuba109,88442,415< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
20Guatemala108,88942,031< 0.1%AmericasCentral America
21French Guiana83,53432,244< 0.1%AmericasSouth America
22Panama75,41729,111< 0.1%AmericasCentral America
23Costa Rica51,10019,725< 0.1%AmericasCentral America
24Dominican Republic48,67118,787< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
25Haiti27,75010,712< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
26Belize22,9668,865< 0.1%AmericasCentral America
27El Salvador21,0418,122< 0.1%AmericasCentral America
28Bahamas13,9435,382< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
29Falkland Islands12,1734,699< 0.1%AmericasSouth America
30Jamaica10,9914,243< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
31Puerto Rico8,8703,424< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
32Trinidad And Tobago5,1301,980< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
33Guadeloupe1,628628< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
34Martinique1,128435< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
35Turks And Caicos Islands948366< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
36Dominica751290< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
37Saint Lucia616238< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
38Curacao444171< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
39Antigua And Barbuda442171< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
40Barbados430166< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
41Saint Vincent And The Grenadines389150< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
42United States Virgin Islands347134< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
43Grenada344133< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
44Cayman Islands264102< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
45Saint Kitts And Nevis261101< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
46Saint Pierre And Miquelon24293< 0.1%AmericasNorthern America
47Aruba18069< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
48British Virgin Islands15158< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
49Montserrat10239< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
50Anguilla9135< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
51Bermuda5421< 0.1%AmericasNorthern America
52Saint Martin5320< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean
53Sint Maarten3413< 0.1%AmericasCaribbean