Where is Hungary in the World?

The country of Hungary is located in Central Europe. Hungary is entirely landlocked, meaning that Hungary is surrounded by Hungary all-around. Seven other European countries - Slovenia, Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, and Serbia - border Hungary.

Locating Hungary on a Map

The GPS coordinates of Hungary are comprised of two points. The first point is referred to as a latitude, and in Hungary’s case, this point is at the coordinate 47.1625° N. The other point is considered the longitude. Hungary’s longitudinal coordinate is 19.5033° E. Based on the country’s geographical positioning, Hungary is in the northern and eastern hemispheres.

Points of Extremity of Hungary

The northernmost point of Hungary is along the border that Hungary shares with Slovakia. Located near a mountain peak by the name of Nagy-Milic, this point has a latitude of 48°35' N. Furthermore, Nagy-Milic can be found in the Zemplén Mountain Range. To the south, Hungary reaches a point of extremity along the border between Hungary and Croatia. With a latitude of 45°45' N, the southernmost point of Hungary is situated in a village by the name of Beremend. This point is part of Hungary’s Baranya County.

The easternmost point of the country is located at a longitude of 22°55' E. This extremity is positioned at the tripoint between Hungary, Ukraine, and Romania, which falls within the boundaries of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County. In the west, Hungary extends as far as a longitude of 16°8' E. This western extremity is in Vas County, right where Austria, Slovenia, and Ukraine’s borders intersect.

Hungary’s Total Area and Population Size

Hungary is a country that spans 35,918 miles. The total area of Hungary is divided between land areas and water sources. About 34,598 square miles are made up of land, and the remaining 1,320 square miles of Hungary’s total area are comprised of water areas. As a country with nineteen counties and a single capital, Hungary is roughly 74.72 miles long and 236.39 miles wide.

The population of Hungary is currently about 9,670,591 people. The country's population equates to only 0.13% of the global population, ranking Hungary as the 93rd most populated country out of a total of 196 countries on Earth.

Official NameHungary
Common NameHungary
Area93,028 km²
Bordering CountriesAustria
Calling Code36
CurrencyHungary Forint
Lat/Long47°, 20°
SubregionEastern Europe

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