Where is Macau in the World?

Macau is a country that exists south of China’s coastline. It is an interesting country in that not everyone regards Macau as an actual country. Many people view Macau as part of China, even though Macau has been declared an individual, independent nation as of 1999. This confusion stems from a misunderstanding regarding the country’s position and government status.

While Macau is not separate from China in a physical sense, the land mass is considered its own country. In December of 1999, Macau was officially recognized as a separate entity from China, though the Chinese government still rules the country. Macau’s official lengthy title - the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China - depicts the area’s situation with more clarity. Macau is under the rule of China, yet still recognized as a country all on its own.

China surrounds Macau along every border except for in the southeast. From there, Macau shares a border with the Pacific Ocean. Vietnam is to the southwest of Macau, and the island nation of Taiwan is situated to the east of Macau.

GPS Coordinates and Surrounding Borders of Macau

Macau is positioned at a latitude of 22.1987° N and a longitude of 113.5439° E. As depicted by Macau’s coordinates, the country is found to the north of the equatorial plane. The country’s GPS coordinates indicate that Macau is also in the northern and eastern hemispheres of the world.

Size and Population: How Big is Macau?

The total land area of Macau is approximately 109 square miles, of which not a single mile is comprised of water in any form. Macau is entirely made up of land. Macau’s total area is not considered a country of its own on the list of countries ranked by total area. However, its total area is comparable to the size of San Marino, which ranks as the 192nd largest country in the world.

With a total area of 109 square miles and an accumulative population size of 637,384 people, Macau is the 167th most populated country in the world. The population density of Macau is approximately 2,063 people per square mile of land. Macau happens to be the first most densely populated country in the entire world.

Official NameMacao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
Common NameMacau
LanguagesPortuguese, Chinese
Area30 km²
Bordering CountriesChina
Calling Code853
CurrencyMacau Pataca
Lat/Long22.16666666°, 113.55°
SubregionEastern Asia

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