Population refers to the demographic characteristics of a country, including size, composition, and distribution of its inhabitants. This category includes metrics such as population growth rate, age structure, gender balance, and urbanization. There are also articles covering factors such as migration, fertility rates, and healthcare.


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10 Letter Countries
11 Letter Countries
12 Letter Countries
13 Letter Countries
14 Eyes Countries
Four-Letter Countries / Countries with 4-Letter NamesList of countries whose names are four letters long.
Five-Letter Countries / Countries with 5-Letter NamesDetailed list of every country in the world that has five letters in its name. Also includes list of territories with five-letter names.
6 Letter CountriesA complete list of every country in the world with a six-letter name.
7 Letter CountriesA complete list of every country in the world with a seven-letter name.
8 Letter Countries
9 Letter Countries
Afghan Refugees by CountryDetailed list Afghan refugees per country, including information, data, and profiles of countries that have the most refugees from Afghanistan.
Age Dependency Ratio by CountryDetails of the countries with the highest dependency ratios, including child dependency ratio, aged/elderly dependency ratio, and lowest overall dependency ratio.
American Expats by CountryDetails on the number of American expats in each country, the reasons people become expats, and which countries have the most and fewest American expats.
AT&T International Day Pass CountriesA list of countries served by AT&T's International Day Pass and also the AT&T Passport service.
Australian States | 6 States of Australia
Average Age of Having First Child by CountryData on the average age of women having their first child in various countries of the world. What is the average age of first-time mothers around the world? Answers here.
Average Birth Weight by CountryData and analysis on the average birth weight by country, including which countries have the highest average birth weight and which countries have the lowest average birth weight. What is the average birth weight by country? Find out here.
Average Dress Size by CountryDemographic data on the average dress size by country, including the average dress size in the world, trends in dress size over the decades, and the dress sizes in various countries around the world.
Average Net Worth by CountryData and analysis on the average net worth by country, including average per capita net worth by country, which countries have the highest average net worth per capita and countries with the lowest average net worth.
Average Shoe Size by CountryData and analysis on the average shoe size by country, including which country has the largest average shoe size, the average shoe size in Europe, and where in the world the people with the largest and smallest feet live.
Countries in the Balkans
Baltic States
Benelux Countries
Best CountriesList and full details of the countries on the Best Countries list compiled annually by US News and World Report in collaboration with the BAV Group and Wharton School of Business.
Best Countries for Expats
Black Caribbean Countries / Afro-Caribbean CountriesData on Afro-Caribbean / Black Caribbean countries, including which countries have the largest Afro-Caribbean populations and which Caribbean countries' populations are predominantly black.
Brain Drain CountriesData on brain drain countries including the definition of a brain drain country, which countries are brain drain countries, and how brain drain countries and immigration are connected.
Brazil States
Canada StatesInformation and data about the states of Canada, more accurately referred to as Canadian provinces and territories, including their total area, population, and the years they joined Canada.
Cell Phones by CountryDetails on the number of cell phone users by country, including which country has the highest number cell phones per 100 users, which country has the most cell phones overall, and which country has the fewest mobile phones.
Continent With the Most CountriesDefinitive guide to which continent has the most countries, as well as a list of the continents of the world, and the countries of the continent with the most countries.
What Countries are in the UK?The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign state that is located off of the coast of Europe.
Countries by Population Density | Countries by Density
Countries by Sex Ratio / Countries by Male to Female Gender RatioDetails on sex ratios / gender ratios of various countries. Includes definition of sex ratio and explanation of what makes sex ratios important to a country's growth and survival.
Countries Ending in Land
Countries Ending in Y / Countries Whose Names End in YList of countries and territories whose English names end in the letter Y.
Countries Nicknames
Countries Seeking American ImmigrantsList of countries that want American immigrants, detailed information about the countries seeking American immigrants, and how they're different from countries that just love Americans.
Countries that No Longer Exist
Countries with Declining Population
Countries with More Women Than MenList of countries with more women than men, as well as countries where women outnumber men and countries in which women are the majority.
Countries with No HomelessList of countries with no homeless people, including countries where no one is homeless and countries whose homeless population is zero.
Countries with the Most OrphansList of countries with a high orphan rate, which is computed by comparing the number of orphans to the number of adult residents. Orphan rate can also be expressed as a percentage and is not to be confused with a country's total number of orphans.
Countries without the Letter 'A' in Their Name
Country Abbreviations
Country Codes
Country with the Longest Name
Crusader StatesList of countries that participated in the Holy Crusades that ran intermittently from the years 1095 to 1272.
Developed CountriesDetails on which countries are considered to be developed countries according to the United Nations' Human Development Index (HDI).
Developing CountriesDetailed list of developing countries, as well as comparison of various definitions of a developing country.
DTM Stage 5 CountriesDetails on DTM stage 5 countries, including definition of the DTM Demographic Transition Model, countries at DTM stage 5, and what it means for a country to be at DTM stage 5.
EMEA Countries | Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Fastest Growing Countries
Foreign Countries
Green Card Waiting Time by Country
Human Development Index (HDI) by CountryListings and analysis of the HUman Development Index (HDI) score for more than 180 countries.
Homelessness by CountryStatistics on rate of homelessness by country, including countries with the most homeless people, countries with the highest rate of homelessness, and countries with the fewest homeless people.
How Many Countries are there in ?
How Many States are in Mexico in ?
Immigration by Country
India States
Largest Airports in the World
Largest Countries in Africa
Largest Countries in Americas
Largest Countries in Asia
Largest Countries in Europe
Largest Countries in North America
Largest Countries in Oceania
Largest Countries in South America
Largest Countries in the World
Latin American Countries
Least Developed Countries
Legatum Prosperity IndexDetails and rankings of each country's place in the Legatum Prosperity Index, including their rankings in more than a dozen subcategories.
List of Countries by Continent
Longest Country Name in AsiaDetails of the longest country name in Asia, including which Asian country has the longest name and which country in Asia has the longest name.
Man-Shortage Countries / Countries with a Shortage of MenDetailed statistics on countries where females outnumber males, resulting in a shortage of men, with full male/female ratios per country and additional support data.
Median Age by CountryData and analysis about the countries with the highest median age in the world, as well as the countries with the lowest median age in the world, the countries with the oldest median age in the world, and the countries with the youngest median age in the world.
Mexican States / List of States of MexicoList of the current states of Mexico, including each state's full name, largest and capital cities, total area, population, and number of municipalities within.
Most Urbanized Countries
Newest Countries
Number of Jews in the World
Official Names of CountriesThe official name of every country in the world, as well as the common name of every country in the world.
Percentage of Illegal Immigrants by CountryStatistics and analysis about the percentage of illegal immigrants in each country, including countries with the highest percentage of illegal immigrants and factors that influence the percentage of illegal immigrants in a country.
Pro-Natalist Countries / Countries with Low Birth RatesInformation on countries with low birth rates, also known as pro-natalist countries, and the policies they employ in an attempt to increase their birth rates and avoid population decline.
Proposed Countries
Visa Reciprocity by CountryDefinition of visa reciprocity, also called visa insurance, including how to determine if one's visa requires it and how to navigate the reciprocity process.
Refugees by Country
Retirement Age by CountryComparisons of retirement age in various countries. Retirement age varies depending upon factors such as labor supply, life expectancy, and profession.
Smallest Countries
Sovereign Nation
Stage 1 DTM CountriesExplanation of Stage 1 countries in the Demographic Transition Model (DTM), including detailed descriptions of the characteristics of Stage One countries.
Stage 3 DTM CountriesExplanation of Stage 3 countries in the Demographic Transition Model (DTM), including a list of Stage 3 countries and detailed descriptions of the characteristics of Stage 3 countries.
Stage 4 DTM CountriesExplanation of Stage 4 countries in the Demographic Transition Model (DTM), including a list of Stage 4 countries and detailed descriptions of the characteristics of Stage 4 countries.
-Stan Countries
Trans Population by Country / Transgender Population by CountryDemographic data on the number of transgender individuals in various countries. Includes information on the global trans population and the country with the highest rate of trans people.
Transcontinental Countries
True Size of Countries
United States Territories
Unknown Countries
Unrecognized Countries
US Immigration by Country
Weird CountriesA comprehensive, verifiable, yet somewhat subjective list of weird countries, with detailed analysis of what qualifies them as weird, unusual, or out of the ordinary.
What Is the Smallest Country in Europe?Data and details on the smallest country in Europe, including what is the smallest country in Europe, which European country is the smallest, and Europe's smallest country.
Which Country Has the Tallest Buildings in ?Architectural details about which countries have the tallest buildings. Includes information on the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, such as its leading hotel and restaurant, highest swimming pool, and other lookout points.
WHO Funding by CountryStatistics regarding funding for the World Health Organization (WHO), including information on which countries provide the most funding for the WHO and details of the WHO's mission and purpose.
World Values Survey
Worst Countries to Live inDetails of which countries score the lowest in the world on various quality of life metrics, including the United Nations' Human Development Index (HDI)
Yugoslavia Countries
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