What Country Has the Most Islands? 2023

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With 221,831 named islands (and an estimated 267,570 total), Sweden has the most islands of all countries. But, only 1,000 of them are inhabited. Below are some of the main islands you can find in the country.

Gothland Island

Gothland is the largest island in Sweden, covering close to 2,994 square km of landmass. It has a population of 58,003 people, with 23,600 living in Visby. The island is a province, municipality, diocese, and county of Sweden. It features two smaller islands in the north, including Faro and Gotska Sandon.

Its economy revolves around tourism, food processing, information technology, and design industries that utilize the island workforce.

Visitors to the Gothland island enjoy various water activities, including diving, sailing, kayaking, fishing, etc. They can also enjoy exploring the island via its network of walking trails.

Oland Island

Oland is the second biggest island but the smallest province in Sweden, covering 1,347 square km. It is a permanent residence for approximately 26,000 people. It is based in the Baltic Sea, off the shoreline of Smaland province.

When it comes to administration, Oland is considered part of Kalmar county and is subject to its administration. However, the island features Borgholm and Morbylanga municipalities that offer the locals minor government services.

The main economic activities on the island include farming and fishing. Visitors can enter and leave the island via the three and a half miles Oland bridge.

Orust Island

Orust island comes third, after Oland, covering close to 346 square km. However, the country authorities declared the island the fourth-largest, following the country’s 2014 statistics.

The island is a municipality, with Henan being its largest town and municipal capital. It boasts more than 15,160 inhabitants living in its fishing villages, including Ellos, Halleviksstrand, Strioken, and Svanvik.

The orust municipality contributes significantly to Vastra Gotland from its numerous shipyards, including Hallberg-Rassy and Najad Varvet shipyards.

Hisingen Island

Covering 199 square km, the Hisingen Island is the fifth-largest in Sweden. It homes more than 130,000 inhabitants, making it the most populous island in the country.

Hisingen is a river Island bordering the Gota Alv river to the East and South and Nordre Alv and Kattegat to the North and West.

The island is part of Vastra Gotaland county. It features the Volvo Group Company and the port of Gothenburg, which contribute to the health economy of the island and Vastra Gotaland county in general.

Tjorn Island

With 148 square km, Tjorn is the sixth-largest island in Sweden. It is located in Bohuslan province, on the Swedish west coast. It is home to more than 15,774 people. The neighboring areas to the island include the Stenungsund town to the East and Orust island to the north.

The island is a municipality, with Skarhamn being the largest town and municipal capital. The primary economic activity on the island is fishing. This explains why Tjorn is made up of fishing communities like Kyrkesund, Rönnäng, and Klädesholmen.

The island is also frequented by tourists who come to swim, dive, sail or hike around the island as they enjoy attractions along the Tjorn trails.

What Country Has the Most Islands? 2023

What Country Has the Most Islands? 2023