What Does Hemisphere Mean?

When someone is talking about a hemisphere, they are talking about one half of a sphere. If someone were to imagine a ball, such as a basketball, and they divided it in half, each half of that ball would be a hemisphere.

The word comes from two parts put together. The first part of the word is “hemi,” which usually means half. The second part of the word means “sphere,” which means ball. Therefore, when the two terms are put together, it refers to one half of a ball. There are several situations where this word can be applied.

The North and South Hemispheres of the Earth

When people are talking about a hemisphere, they frequently talk about the earth. The earth is a globe, and it is divided into northern and southern halves by an equator that goes around the middle.

For example, if someone were to talk about the Northern Hemisphere, they would talk about the continents and countries on the top half of the globe that are closer to the North Pole and the South Pole. This could include parts of Asia, North America, and Europe. For example, the United States is part of the northern hemisphere.

Then, there are other continents and countries that are a part of the Southern Hemisphere. For example, parts of South America, Africa, and Australia are in the southern hemisphere. The weather patterns of the northern and southern hemispheres are usually the opposite of one another. When it is hot in the northern hemisphere, it is usually cold in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.

The Hemispheres of the Brain

Another common situation where people talk about hemispheres involves the brain. Even though the human brain is not a perfect circle, there is a left and a right half to it. Sometimes, people talk about the left and right hemispheres of the brain, even though it is not a perfect sphere.

In general, people associate the left side of the brain with logical and rational thinking, while they associate the right half of the brain with creativity. Even though this is not identical, and there are a lot of variations from person to person, this is a general description of the two halves of the human brain. The two halves work together to carry out motor and sensory functions.

The Eastern and Western Hemispheres of the Earth

There are also situations where people can talk about the eastern and western hemispheres of the Earth. In this case, they are drawing an imaginary circle that connects the north and south poles together on either side of the globe.

Even though this is something that is open for debate, people usually talk about the Western Hemisphere including Europe and the Americas. Then, Asia is usually referred to as the eastern part of the world. Even though this is all relative depending on how someone is looking at the Earth, this is frequently how these hemispheres are divided.