Barbados Flag

Meaning of the Flag

The design of the flag of Barbados uses colors that represent geographical features of the nation. In addition to the colors used in the vertical triband design, a trident head is also featured in the center of the flag. This symbol was used on the colonial badge of the nation and carries great symbolism. The bottom is broken and represents the nation breaking away from being a colony. The points of the trident also hold symbolism, representing government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Colors of the Flag

The flag of Barbados features three different colors. The vertical triband consists of two outer bands of ultramarine blue, with a single band of gold in the center. Centered in the gold band is a black trident head.

The colors of this national flag were chosen to represent features of Barbados. The color ultramarine represents the sky and the ocean, while the gold band is a symbol of the nation’s sand.

History of the Flag

Once Barbados gained its independence, a national flag was adopted. The flag was raised for the first time on the island’s Independence Day on November 30, 1966.

The design of the flag was chosen in a competition held by the government. Over 1,000 entries were submitted, but the winning design was created by Grantley Prescod. Since its adoption, the national flag has remained unchanged.

Prior to the current national flag, Barbados flew the flag of the Colony of Barbados, which was a deface British Ensign with the emblem of Barbados. This was flown from 1870 until 1966. From 1958 to 1962, the nation also flew the flag of the West Indies Federation.

Flag Facts

The flag of Barbados is also known as The Broken Trident.

NameThe Broken Trident
ColorsBlue, Yellow, Black
AdoptedNovember 30, 1966
Designed ByGrantley Prescod


Three vertical bands of blue, yellow, and blue with a black trident in the center of the yellow band

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