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What does the flag of Burundi look like? The Burundi flag is made of a white diagonal cross split into two red panels on the top and bottom and two green panels on the left and right side. There is also a white circle in the middle of the cross and has three red 6-pointed stars outlined in green and forming a triangle.

Meaning of the Flag

There is significant meaning behind the flag of Burundi. The first thing to evaluate is the three stars found on the flag. These stars have multiple meanings. The first meaning is that they represent the three major ethnic groups of the nations: the Twa, Tutsi and Hutu. The three stars also symbolize the traits of unity, work and progress. The three stars also represent the loyalty of the citizens to the king, country and God.

The colors of the flag are also symbolic. The color white of the cross featured on the flag symbolizes peace. The color green is used to symbolize the hopes of future development, while red symbolizes the struggle and bloodshed in attaining the nation’s independence.

Colors of the Flag

There are three colors used in the flag of Burundi. The flag features a white cross with a disc in the center. Inside of the disc is three six-pointed stars that are red in color and outlined in green. The upper and lower panels formed by the cross are red, while the panels to the left and the right of the cross are green.

History of the Flag

One of the original flags of Burundi was flown during the rule of the monarchy. This flag featured a drum known as a karyenda, which is thought to have divine power. This flag was used from 1962 through 1966. It was later in 1966 when the drum was removed. However, this flag was only used for two days. A new flag was adopted that featured a sorghum plant. This symbol was added to represent its importance in local agriculture. This flag was only used for a few months. The next flag was put into use on March 28, 1967 and was used until 1982. It was most similar to the flag used today. The current national flag was adopted on September 27, 1982. The only difference between this flag and the previous version were the dimensions.

Flag Facts

The white diagonal cross on the flag of Burundi is known as a saltire.

The previous flag was very similar to the modern flag used today. However, that flag had a ratio of 2:3. The modern flag has a ratio of 3:5.

ColorsRed, White, Green
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A white diagonal cross with a circle in the center with red filled in on the top and bottom and green filled in on the left and right, and three red stars outlined in green, in the center of the circle

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